Monday, March 7, 2016

ARTICLE | Blog Articles Are Not Wikipedia

You know what makes blogging different is the fact that blog articles are supposed to be following KISS - Keeping It Short and Simple.

Readers do not have the patience to go through whole lengths of articles. Wikipedia will do the job for them. But personally, what I believe makes a blog article effective is the personal touch that the writer adds to it (in a manner that exudes a universal appeal, and not confined within the scope of the writer only). It also enables the readers to use the information for their personal consumption.

A blog article is not a diary. Nobody is interested to read of someone's favorite Starbucks coffee flavor, unless there's something really useful information attached to it (e.g. change in price, promotions, better choices).

Thus, when writing a blog article, make sure that it's not just about whining or complaining about how unfair your life can be. Make it sound like it really matters to your readers. Enough said.

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