Wednesday, May 18, 2016

ARTICLE | Je Olivar - the Hottest Internet Discovery After Carrot Man

For one Lucenahin's life, things won't be the same after going viral recently on Facebook. A netizen has spotted this eye catching security officer at SM Lucena and has posted the photos online, featured in Expat Photographers and Models, with the tag- "Is he the next carrot man?" For which several hundred netizens have started to comment and share the photo. 

Two days after posting the photo of the hunky security officer, it has garnered around 130,000 views (and continues to climb) and numerous shares online. The buzz keeps on going and even catches the attention of pageant handlers and modelling agencies. The security officer has been named as Je Olivar from Lucena City.

If you ever find yourself in SM Lucena, make sure to look for this officer.
It is not unusual for a discovery like this to happen. Just a few months ago, an Internet sensation from Baguio has been called carrot man, and caught the fantasy of the Internet world. Since then, a number of sensations came out including cabbage man, chicharon man, gasoline man, etc.

So is this security officer the next in line to earn a title of, say security man? We leave that to the more creative thinkers. But what makes this even more exciting is that the guy has drawn similarities to Neil Perez, the first Filipino Mister International title holder. Neil is a policeman and has been discovered as well.

With a physique fit for male models, this guy can easily win male pageants

Do you think that this guy can win in international male pageants? Let us know by commenting below.

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