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JOURNAL | Guides to Good Listening

Guides to Good Listening

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1. Sit where you can see and hear the speaker.

2. Be comfortable and alert. Slouching makes you sleepy.

3. Listen attentively despite distractions. Do not be sidetracked by thoughts that are not connected with the talk.

4. Be courteous. Do not distract the speaker or other listeners by unnecessary noise or movement.

5. Have a purpose. Think how you will be able to use the facts and ideas obtained from the talk.

6. Listen for the speaker's theme and his main points.

7. Connect what you hear with what you know or have done.

8. To help yourself remember an important lecture, take down notes.

9. Listen with an open mind. Recognize your own bias, and be willing to consider new ideas and facts.

10. Be critical. Recognize the speaker's bias. Distinguish between solid reasons and emotional appeal, and between facts and opinions.

11. Jot down questions to ask the speaker or to look up yourself to increase your knowledge of the subject.

12. At the end, make a mental summary of what was said.

13. Discuss major points with your friends or family at the earliest opportunity.

14. After receiving instructions on how to do something, repeat the directions to yourself as you carry out each step.

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