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SPA REVIEW | John Matthew Salon & Spa

Address: Eulogio Rodriguez Sr. Ave. Quezon City, Metro Manila.
Contact: 6547007/ 6223497 / 2165034 / 09178173784 / 09232449615

Photos used in this entry are taken from John Matthew Spa and Salon official Facebook page (see link above).

Having been in the business of immersing myself in the relaxing world of spas and massages, it is important to consider alternative options to existing and more expensive spas in the market. However, a good massage experience should not be compromised even if the price is cheaper. So we bring you to a welcome find called John Matthew Salon and Spa.

How To Reach

From Cubao, ride a jeepney en route Quiapo. Landmark is Petron fuel station. After Petron, you will see the big green sign of John Matthew Salon and Spa.

The Massage

The massage takes about an hour. The therapist starts applying pressure at your back and immediately proceeds to the legs. The most part of the session is done using the swedish stroke, these are the long strokes with pressure targeting the muscle areas. Right after the legs comes the butt area up to the head. Once all parts are done, it will be followed by some stretching.

Note: It is important to inform your therapist if you have some bone issues so he won't apply stretching here. Better safe than sorry.

The same procedure is done on the other side of the body. Once all parts are covered, a shiatzu technique will be used. Shiatzu is done by applying pressure through pressing, and usually done around the spinal area.

What I noticed with JMSS therapists is that they do not have a uniform massage technique. Each therapist will have his own. And also the consistency of the therapist will vary.

I would say that therapists of JMSS need to give attention to their techniques and allow ample time to each part of  the body. The therapists tend to do one thing on a body part, and forgets to apply it to the other side. The length of time spent on a body part would also vary, e.g. too long here, too short there. Again, the consistency is the key. Any client will easily notice this.

Note: A good service will always merit a good tip from the client. This is something that the therapists should always remember. A satisfied client need not be reminded to tip if he is happy about the service he received. 

Recommended Therapists: Richard/Chard, JR (add if you know someone else)

The Price

Massage price starts at 250 PhP (6 USD), additional 30 PhP if you want to take a shower. That being said, you cannot take a shower unless you pay the fee. You get one towel if you decide on taking a shower so make sure you keep the towel at the very end of your session.

They also have promo of 600 PhP (15 USD) for a body scrub + massage. Certainly a reasonable price although I have not availed of it since the reviews suggest that the body scrub is not as good compared to others.

Overall, I would say that the massage rate is a good buy. They provide a clean massage (meaning no hanky panky) and their massage can be sensual at times. 

The Facilities

The Building & Location

The building of JMSS is strategically located along E. Rodriguez. Just a jeepney away and cannot be missed due to it's landmark- Petron gasoline station. And their big green neon name flashing "John Matthew Salon & Spa" is easy to spot.

The building has three floors. The first is the beauty salon & reception area. The second is the foot spa area While the third is the massage area and shower room. There is a general homey feel to the ambiance as the interior is mainly composed of wood and even some of its decors are attuned to the wood theme. 

The Shower

The shower is a typical bathroom. There's the lone shower room at the far end of the third floor. Typical shower room in ordinary houses which has a toilet plus heated shower, including body soap and shampoo. 

Remember though that you only get one towel. So make sure that you keep the towel if you decide to have a shower before the massage. You will have to use the towel again after the shower.

Note: JMSS is requesting its clients to observe the no pay-no shower policy. This is because they are trying to save up on the water and shampoo. If we want JMSS to continue providing quality service then we have to follow the rules.

The Towel & Robe

Perhaps one the good things about JMSS is their choice of material for their towel and robe. I simply love the feel of the silk on the skin. It makes you feel expensive and comfortable. Quite similar to the towel and robe of Wensha, but I can say that JMSS has a better quality. The client is supposed to wear the shorts during the massage.

The Freebies- Coffee

If you feel like having coffee after the massage, just ask someone from downstairs for one and they will be happy to serve you. It's free.

The Background Music

Among all the spas I've been to, only JMSS is providing soothing background music in their massage room. By the way, the massage room is common; each bed divided by wooden panels. The zen music helps in the relaxing atmosphere and I think all spas should do this. It's like music therapy at the same time. 

The Lighting

The lighting is dimly lit now (as of June 2016), and clients can relax better. There was a time when JMSS decided to flood the room with light and this has become a major setback for them as many clients have complained. 

The Locker Room

The small locker room has around 21 lockers. There's a wooden bench adjacent to the lockers, while the room can accommodate at least two people at once. More than two will be too crampy. Lockers are secured by padlocks.

The Lounge

The second floor is the unofficial lounge of JMSS. If one decides to have coffee or perhaps just take some rest, they can go to the second floor and sit on one of the couches.

The Reception

The reception area is often manned by their kind lady receptionist. She will provide you with the list of services JMSS offers. A good practice would be to ask her what are the existing promos and packages for the massage. And also tell her about your preferred therapists. In case you do not mention anything about your preference, they will assign you a default therapists.

The therapists are a hit and miss sort of game. So it is better to have someone in your books and stick to it. Or watch out for other clients' recommendations.


Overall Spa Rating
3-star spa

6 / 10
Pressure & Stroke
7 / 10
7 / 10

5/ 10
Not Available
Not Available
Not Available
Towel (one only)
7 / 10
7 / 10
Overall Interior
7 / 10

Wet Area Attendants
Not Available
Coffee Attendants
8 / 10
Lounge Attendants
Not Available
8 / 10

5-star : Luxury standard / Massage & facilities are excellent
4-star :  Semi-luxury / Massage OR facilities are acceptable
3-star : Standard / Massage OR facilities are acceptable but can use some improvements
2-star : Below Average
1-star : Poor

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