Sunday, July 31, 2016

JOURNAL | Packing Stuff and Sticking to Schedule

It has been a month since I arrived in Oman. Haven't written much ever since as I needed to settle in first, attend to some important matters like meeting up with people and making everyone know that I'm back. Well not that it really matters, frankly; but it's nice to catch up with people again specially if you have not seen them for a year or so. Yeah, so to celebrate my first month here, I'm putting up this entry. I'll be going through the whole month up until the present. So here it goes.

28 June 2016. Tuesday

Dropped by the bank to collect a few bank statements which are essential for Filipinos traveling outside the country.

Note: The Philippine Immigration requires certain documents to allow a passenger to board. Some of these documents are: 

  • employment certificate, 
  • salary certificate, 
  • proof of leave from the company, 
  • bank account statement, 
  • credit card, 
  • return tickets, 
  • hotel bookings, 
  • travel itinerary, 
  • invitation letter
  • ID and passport of the person who invited you
  • And recently, a statement of conversation from the person who invited you to the country of destination (a more detailed list of requirements maybe found in the Philippine immigration official website)
  • For OFWs, the OEC is a MUST, so this has to be included in the documents

(I had cumbersome encounters with the Philippine immigration in the past so I had to arm myself with all the documents that can prove that I can afford to travel out of the country)

Anyhow, I'm not really sure what has gotten into me; and surprisingly not prepared my stuff for my next day's flight. My flight is the next day, but it has not sunk in yet. So right after the bank sched, I went to mall to purchase my stuff.

So there I was purchasing the clothes and undergarments, till I reached 8pm. Guess how much I spent for all of them- close to 20,000. I mean wow, I have not really done shopping before that reached that much. Thing is, I was using my credit card so the shopping spree pretty much happened without a care. I know it's awful, but I'm really in a hurry and I couldn't choose the cheaper ones without sacrificing the quality.

Moral of the day- Stick to the schedule, or prepare to spend like a one day millionaire.

On my way home, I met a good friend of mine, Ems and we laughed at the thought that we only saw each other when I am already leaving the next day. We ended up buying a few more things and parted afterwards. Ems by the way is a university friend who made my stay in UP Diliman a very interesting one. He was the one who constantly bashed me, and yet while we do not agree on many things; we found a rather compelling connection and we always laughed. Our sense of humor is on the same wavelength.

Soon as I reached home, I grabbed all the stuff I bought and squeezed them into the luggage. Time check, 12 midnight and I was halfway with the packing. For heaven's sake, I needed to sleep so I left everything midway and dozed off. 


But there is a realization that this experience brings; we plan and organize our lives in such a way that we can avoid discomfort. We fear discomfort because it brings up unnecessary pain. But pain gives us opportunities and it makes us stronger. I'm not encouraging to bring yourself into a sort of pain, but at times like this it is imperative to see the positive rather than wallow in the negative. This way, it makes life more meaningful. (Of course I'm talking about how the failure to stick to the schedule has ruined my plans).

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