Saturday, August 27, 2016

CORPORATE | Sending Out CVs and Making Sure They Get To Where You Want Them To Go

Human Resources Tips

Been working on thousands of CVs lately and I have been keeping some notes about what not and what should be done when sending CVs. Hopefully this can help other job seekers to have better chances of landing into their dream job. 
"Curriculum Vitae or CV, is a written overview of a person's experience and other qualifications. CVs are often tailored to change the emphasis of the information according to the particular position for which the job seeker is applying."

While CVs cannot fully detail all the experience of the individual, it is important to remember that a job seeker's goal is actually to be shortlisted and interviewed. It is during the initial interview process that one can further provide relevant information about his qualifications. 

EVENTS | Top Destinations and Guide For Dance Lovers in Oman

As a highly sociable person, I make sure that I am always updated with the latest happenings within my reach. To do this, I started creating pages and groups in Facebook with the hopes of making people aware of these upcoming events.

I know the importance of being aware of where to go and what to do, because let's face it- we all need some diversion after a hard long weekday. And in order to maximize the limited weekend, we have to pre-plan our activities. With existing information here and there, pre-planning is not difficult. But we need to get this information really quickly.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

FOOD | Pansit Mix at Pure Food Filipino Resto in Al Khuwair, Muscat

I'm a big fan of pansit, yes the Filipino noodles. So when a good friend of mine mentioned that there's a good pansit resto in Al Khuwair, I said let's go and taste it. 

The restaurant is named, Pure Food Filipino Restaurant located in Al Khuwair just beside Mars Supermarket. 
Visit their FB:

MOVIE | The Secret Life of Pets

Quick review on "The Secret Life of Pets"
Rating: 4/10

There's so much cuteness in the film, but that did not salvage the narrative which is to say- there isn't much meat to begin with. In an attempt to showcase the adorableness of the cutesy characters, the film makers failed to give them a credible struggle that any audience could relate to. It was in a way, a little shameful; only because the audience was trying to bear with the story progression only to be left with the same plot in any predictable story.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

JOURNAL | Restez Calme Et Revisez Pour L'Examen Francais

Update as of 18 August: Finally done with my French exam; everything was done in oral French interview and I struggled to remember the expressions (and most importantly, sound coherently). But the interviewer advised me to brush up on the futur, conditional and subjonctif... Anyhow, my level: LEVEL 4. (Note that there are 10 levels, so I am halfway through).

There's gonna be a French exam tomorrow at Berlitz, and I really should be studying by now. But since I got into my room, all I accomplished was an hour's nap. Oh well, I'm crossing my fingers that I get through the placement test with fairly high results (I mean, c'mon I've been studying French, taking exams here and there, and I really should be improving... and I mean it). 

Berlitz is the world's premier language services firm, providing quality language instruction, translation, and publishing services throughout the world. Founded in 1878 in Providence (Rhode Island) by Maximilian D. Berlitz, the company has been providing superior language services ever since, with millions of satisfied alumni around the world. The time-proven principles of the Berlitz Method are supplemented by a constant flow of new information and the latest multimedia lesson materials to remain timely and relevant for students.

Contact Number: +968 24128752 (Look for Ms. Bauma)

Private = 730 OMR; Semi Private = 490 OMR; Group = 280 OMR
Discounted price if paid before end of August: Group = 236 OMR 
So for the purpose of recollecting some of my french lessons, I'm jotting down some useful expressions just to prep myself during the exam.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

JOURNAL | Dancing the Holidays Away While Reuniting With Muscat Expat Community

02 to 09 July 2016. Saturday to Saturday

The following days have been spent mostly on reuniting with friends. Being gone for a year, my body needed to adjust to the high temperatures of Oman; that being said, I was sweating like a faucet, my clothes almost always drenched. The familiar vibes of Oman remains- rustic and laid back. I must say that I have missed this country. 

What really separates Oman apart from other GCC countries is the fact that expats are welcome in this side of the globe. There is a general air of safety and security, plus genuine hospitality from Omanis. That's what makes living in Oman really great. I'm not surprised that a lot of Europeans prefer to stay here for long periods of time.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

SPORTS | Joseph Schooling of Singapore Beats Michael Phelps of US in 100m Butterfly

My initial reaction when it sank on me was that, "Man, if Michael Phelps is a fish; then this #JosephSchooling must have been some kind of a faster fish... because nobody gets ahead of Michael Phelps ever. But Joseph Schooling slapped the world right in the face and said- "You were saying?"

Why is it a big deal? Because Michael Phelps is considered as the best swimmer in all of the Olympic history; so it is only understandable that the whole sports fandom got shocked when an Asian schooled them (pun intended) on how to swim. And you'll see that the time gap is quite a figure coz every nano second counts in swimming.

There's no denying that until yesterday, Joseph Schooling was just a regular name in the long list of swimmers in Rio Olympics 2016. But when he made the biggest break in his career, and he not only broke one, but several records in the Olympic history, Joseph Schooling is now a legend. His feat in the 100m butterfly event set him on the podium with gold and etched his name with the following records:

Joseph Isaac Schooling

Singapore's first Olympic gold medallist
Smashed Olympic record for 100m butterfly with 50.39s
Finished almost 1s ahead of the rest
First ever gold medal by Southeast Asian male swimmer

Truly an inspiration to us all Asians, and a testament that with hard work and right attitude, there is nothing impossible. The current medal standing shows that US is still way ahead of the competition with the most number of golds followed by China, UK, Japan and South Korea. East Asians are a force to reckon with, and as a Filipino, I am happy for all their achievements. #Rio2016 #Olympics

ARTICLES | June 2016, Editor's Digest

Yes, just like what's printed on my shirt- "One Of A Kind!" 

And certainly the month of June has been a one of a kind experience as it has seen a plethora of changes in my life. Met so many new friends and most importantly, finally landed myself onto a new job (pat on the back!). 

Nonetheless, the many articles written for this month had been about mostly on travel, corporate guides and lifestyle. This period is truly a transition period for me, from being a bum yuppie into a kick-ass part of the work force. So you'll easily notice that I've written many articles in June and not much in July (well, that will be discussed later on). 

So enjoy the articles and don't forget to drop me a line or two if you feel like sharing anything.


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

JOURNAL | InFlight Stories of Hope and Determination... and Occasional Chaos

01 July 2016. Friday

"Such is the problem of Filipino Overseas Workers- we can't come back to the Philippines unless all documents are complete. The danger of being held by the Immigration poses an imminent threat to Filipino workers who cannot produce these documents- a flaw that overlooks the real problem. There's too much red tape and bureaucracy in the Philippines that to process a paper that can be finished in a day, would take a month. And this illness is present in almost branches of the government and private sectors. If it's in the Philippines, you can expect delays."

Finally the most awaited day. I'm flying back to Muscat, Oman. My emotions are a mix of excitement, fear, uncertainty... but I have no use for worrying. This is it. This is finally it.

After breakfast, I made sure that all my stuff are placed back in the luggage. And when all was in, I quietly opened the door. The guy on the upper bunk was also awake so I asked him if he might want to switch off the lights and he said, just leave it. Funny this guy, because on my first night I saw him sleep and he never moved out of his bed. And now that I'm leaving  he was still there.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

JOURNAL | Lunch, Coffee and Last Day In Bukit Bintang

30 June 2016. Thursday

I woke up the next day feeling refreshed (last night I walked all the way to the Petronas Towers, and it was so humid, I got tired walking). I know that the breakfast starts at 8am, so I went down the dinig hall. Cory, the American guy was not on his bed anymore. I think he got up around 4am.

Whe I reached the dining hall, I found Cory sitting by the couch. Said good morning to him and had my coffee and toast. Not many people yet, so it was quiet. At my back was another Filipino backpacker detailing his travels to many parts of the world. But apart from me, the other Filipino guy at the back and one Chinese girl busy talking on her tablet; there weren't many Asians. In fact, most of the guests are caucasians. Not that it bothers me. Actually it made me feel glad that Malaysia sure looks like a travel destination for many tourist (something the Philippines has yet to emulate).

Friday, August 5, 2016

JOURNAL | Malaysia, Truly Asia

29 June 2016. Wednesday

Boarding the Malaysian Airlines, it dawned on me that there was the Malaysian Flight 370 which was never found. And at the back of mind, if my plane suddenly disappears at least I've lived a well spent life. I won't have much regrets.

Waiting at the boarding room, I called my mom just to assure her that I was OK. It still felt odd to be leaving again, although I never had an intention to stay in the Philippines. But when you are about to leave and you realize that you won't see your family again for the next or couple of years then it hits you hard. But in this life, we all need to make difficult decisions. It just so happened that I chose to leave. So no point in being overly sentimental.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

JOURNAL | Keeping It Cool at Philippine International Airport

29 June 2016. Wednesday

Rise and shine, it's 4am and my flight's leaving at 12noon. It's supposed to be a quiet Wednesday for me, but today marks the new chapter in my career; I'm leaving for Oman, for certain. 

But my luggage are not yet completely ready, and to think that I need to travel for six hours to get to the international airport. For a moment, I thought I might miss the flight. But now's not the right to entertain evil thoughts. Just keep positive.

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