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ARTICLES | June 2016, Editor's Digest

Yes, just like what's printed on my shirt- "One Of A Kind!" 

And certainly the month of June has been a one of a kind experience as it has seen a plethora of changes in my life. Met so many new friends and most importantly, finally landed myself onto a new job (pat on the back!). 

Nonetheless, the many articles written for this month had been about mostly on travel, corporate guides and lifestyle. This period is truly a transition period for me, from being a bum yuppie into a kick-ass part of the work force. So you'll easily notice that I've written many articles in June and not much in July (well, that will be discussed later on). 

So enjoy the articles and don't forget to drop me a line or two if you feel like sharing anything.


Lifestyle & Entertainment

The Anatomy Of An Online Sensation, Security Officer - Je Olivar
On May 16th, while doing a photoshoot cover for a fashion show I spotted this really good-looking security officer at the events ground. I know it is very unethical to take photos without proper release documents but it was a matter of "take it now or never." I usually have the eye to spot people who are endowed with deeper stories. I knew in an instant that this man will be the talk of the town, no doubt about that. (Read more)

Thoughts Running Through My Mind On a Thursday Evening
Sometimes I also ask what kind of blogger am I? Certainly not a travel blogger since I do not travel very often. Not also food blogger because I'm not fond of eating. Not even fitness nor movies... of course I do touch a little bit of this and that, but I can't really say which kind I am. I've been reading a lot online that successful blogs should have a focus. But perhaps that's exactly what I am- a no-focus blogger, if there is such a thing. It's just that everything is too general, and I find it challenging to center my posts into one topic.  (Read more)

John Matthew Salon & Spa
Having been in the business of immersing myself in the relaxing world of spas and massages, it is important to consider alternative options to existing and more expensive spas in the market. However, a good massage experience should not be compromised even if the price is cheaper. So we bring you to a welcome find called John Matthew Salon and Spa. (Read more)

The Writer's Block
I'm a very disorganized writer. I cannot write unless my notes are cluttered, my thoughts everywhere except my head. But I keep writing, hoping that ideas would pay me a visit. (Read more)

Call Me Tsundoku
I have this habit of going to the thrift book shop and rummage through interesting books. I don't usually have budget to spend on expensive paper backs. I either borrow or just go to the nearest library.In SM shops, there is a store called "Booksale" that sells previously owned books and I became fond of visiting the shop whenever I pass by. Today was no exception, and I got myself some cool French books. (Read more)


Human Resources Functions
When we talk about Human Resources or HR, we seem to have a general understanding of what an HR personnel really does. Certainly he works by hiring people to a company, but is that all to it? To be blunt, HR professionals do more than hiring. In fact, hiring is only one part of his responsibilities. And if the staff are the backbone of a company, then HR professionals are the people behind the construction of this backbone. (Read more)

Research Works

Early Parent-Child Bonds Key To Good Adult Relationships
This research reveals that early parent-child bond has significant albeit non-conclusive impact to good adult relationships. Specifically, attachment between the mother and child during the early stages of life can influence a child's behavior indicating that infants who are securely attached to their mothers or caregivers tend to learn to trust and count on to the adult, and later becomes independent when they reach toddler ages. However, environmental factors such as child-rearing can also influence the mental and emotional development of a child which he brings into adulthood. A child that has not been reared by his biological parents is prone to the stimulus of the people surrounding him, which may be negative or positive. In terms of parental conflict or breakup e.g. divorce, it was found in recent studies that it is not the parents' separation or exposure to domestic discord that determines the children's success in achieving their own satisfying adult relationships but the parent-child bond. (Read more)


The Virtue of Being Good, From a Buddhist Perspective
In every backpacking trip I do, I always bump into people who are wiser and has more experience than I do. It is enlightening to listen to their stories and learn from them. Today, I am writing about my discussion with Cory, a buddhist from the US and currently based in China. (Read more)

Family Trip to the City of Pines- Baguio!
My mom sent me an SMS asking if I would like to join the Baguio trip on May 25th. There was nothing on my calendar so I said yes. It has been ages since I went to Baguio (I think I was still in high school during my last visit). Together with my relatives, we traveled via this big van with a karaoke inside! Whew, try beating that- a live entertainment inside the van. So you could guess how fun the whole trip was. So what's so special about Baguio? Well it has been dubbed as the Summer Capital of the Philippines and has a lot of touristic places to offer. (Read more)

Burias Islands & Alibijaban Beach (San Andres, Quezon)
For an upcoming trip to Burias Islands and Alibijiban Beach this June 17th, I am reposting a sample itinerary courtesy of Laboy Baboy Tours. I'm crossing my fingers that the sun would shine on these days and give us our much needed, last minute summer adventure. (Read more)


The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist (2016)
The first few minutes of the film started off on point by setting the mood with the Amityville haunting and of course the terrifying vision of Lorraine of that entity dressed as a nun (who the hell is not scared of nuns, especially floating nuns!). However, the middle part where the characters had to be established were a little too slow and anti-climax. As you progress with the movie, you get some dose of the startle factor but you easily revive from it. For some time, you'd wonder how the two plots of the Warrens and Enfield would be resolved without making the narrative too dragged.  (Read more)

Magnos Alexandros
But this was not ‪#‎Alexander. ‬All his life he fought to free himself from fear. By this and this alone he was made free; The freest man I've ever known. His tragedy was one of increasing loneliness and impatience for those who could not understand. And if his desire to reconcile Greek and barbarian... what, failure? His failure towers the world of successes. I've lived. I've lived long life Cadmos but the glory and the memory of man will always belong to the fathers who followed their great vision and the greatest of these is the one they now call "Magnos Alexandros."The greatest Alexander of them all. (Read more)

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