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Rating: 8.5 / 10
Worth the time and money, so you go watch it on the cinema.
There are only a few movies that engage the audience and make them feel like they are part of what's going on. "Sully" is one of those brilliantly crafted works that plays with the audience and make them believe that what is going on can easily happen to them.
Really enjoyed the movie and it was worth watching it over at Imax,, with all the big screen and surrounding sound; one can easily feel that he's really inside that plane. To be honest, I think I was bracing myself half the time because I felt like I was part of the movie- not an audience, but an actual passenger waiting for my eventual demise.

Couldn't help but recall the 9/11 attack when the terror plane strike the Twin Towers and people in the building were sending or calling their loved ones, telling them they are trapped and they might not see them again. In those very moments, we become human; real human wanting to live and in the face of death, nothing is sweeter than surviving in an otherwise imminent plane crash. And that's what makes "Sully" a hopeful and uplifting piece of film.

Despite it all, the only comment I would probably say is that there should have been more scenes inside the plane especially during the impact at the Hudson river. There was just too much emotion that could have been captured there. Although I understand that Clint Eastwood might have been gunning for some other effect so he decided not to dwell much on the usual melodramatic narratives.

But then again, if you are watching the film in an IMAX, you would understand the need for a more realistic treatment/simulation when inside the airplane. Maybe that would have been more thrilling for the audience.

Overall the film was able to deliver beyond expectations. I won't be surprised if Tom Hanks receives a nomination for the Golden Globe and Oscars for this role.

Tom Hanks and the real Capt. Sully

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