Saturday, October 15, 2016

MOVIE REVIEW | The Girl On The Train (2016)

Rating: 4 / 10
In general, the movie is dragging/boring and does not have much tension among the characters. The only salvation of the film was Emily Blunt's acting and the last gory 10 minutes where the revelations started to come out. Overall, this review does not recommend this movie.

Just a quick review and impression of the film (which should have been done last weekend). Well to be honest, there isn't much that the film can offer. True, the actors were brilliant but the screenplay and direction was dull and dragging. During the first quarter of the film, you get the hopes that this movie will deliver the kind of Gone Girl effect to it because of the voice over and time shifts, but the movie went on and on; nothing happened.

It is as if the director was trying to build up tensions within the three female leads Rachel, Anna and Megan. But it got so convoluted, the stories did not fit well anymore. To be frank, each character is better off left alone than trying to string them together. Commendable for the effort, however it didn't work this time.

And this is sad considering that the director Tate Taylor, was also the director of the highly acclaimed "The Help (2011)" which by the way got nominated for best picture in the 84th Academy Awards. Perhaps there was too much pressure on Tate's shoulders that he was not able to cope up. Oh well, I hope he does a better job next time.

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