Sunday, October 9, 2016

SPOT REVIEW | Modern Cut at Oman Avenues

This has been a bad hair week for this writer and I thought it's been long overdue to get a haircut. So this Saturday, I visited my hairdresser and asked him to give me the cut with the quiff. 

Okay, so what's the latest hairstyles this last quarter of 2016? Apparently, the fading sideburns and lengthy crown remains the top choices. In my opinion, they give us the clean military look plus a leeway to be extra fashionable aka show off in public.

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And to get that hairstyle, I needed to go to a trusted hairshop. In Oman, you will have a wide array of hair shops, but it's important that you have a regular hairstylist so you are confident that you wouldn't leave the shop, with your hair all gone, with regrets. 

In Muscat, Oman I recommend for gents- Modern Cut.

Modern Cut 
A unique Gents Saloon providing excellent care and exclusive manicure and pedicure services & Head Message. 
Hairstylist: Bamba - +968 9642 9859You need to set an appointment since he's got a handful of clients in any day 
Located at Grand Mall, Managed by an experienced Turkish barber and additional care specialist, aiming to provide exclusive services in friendly and hygienic environment. 

Founder: Next Step Trading and Contracting (Sole Proprietorship)

Owner: Atif Sarhan, senior manager at Nawras telecommunication and partner at modern House Construction L.L.C

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