Thursday, October 27, 2016

TRAVEL | Dubai and Abu Dhabi Weekend Getaway Highlights

Some highlights of my short visit in Dubai and Abu Dhabi last October 27, 2016 with Mellany and Stephan. Frankly, Dubai is a very expensive city and even just for a visit, one would have to spend a fortune. Well I guess that's how the city was designed, to make the people feel compelled to spend. As I've said, Dubai is a great place for a weekend but I am happy in Oman. 


Eating at Barrio Fiesta in Al Rigga, Dubai. Ordered tinola, chicken barbeque, watermelon juice and leche flan. Total bill, approx. 2,000 PhP.

Walked the whole stretch from Dubai Mall Metro Station down to Burj Khalifa on a mid-afternoon. We were pondering what if you are living at the top floor and you went down and forgot something, will you come up again?

Chilled at the 62nd floor of Etihad Towers Abu Dhabi at Ray's Bar, where I drank gin & tonic followed by mojito. Total bill around 2,000 PhP. (I'm starting to doubt my spending judgment at this point, but this doesn't happen everyday so it's pretty ok)

Breakfast in Abu Dhabi with my Filipino friends. They prepared the yummy corned beef, eggs and fried rice. Yes, we have rice for breakfast and that's how it should be.

On my way back to Oman while at Emirates Boeing 700, I noticed that the monitor and console looked similar to Apple designs. I mean, it looks so much better and easier to use than the older one. Good job Emirates.

I am scheduled to come back to Dubai by next year July 2017 to meet up with friends from Korea. Well, I'm always looking forward to visiting the UAE.

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