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ARTICLE | Bored and Lots of Time, Then Analyze Instagram

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Dahil madami ako time, nag-analyze ako ng Instagram account ko as to what photos are actually gaining audience mileage and here are the findings of my analysis.

Note: If you ever need analysis too, let me know. That can be arranged. :)

Summary and Conclusions

Total instagram photos: 136

Most liked themes: 
Dance/Club, Food, Photography, Events, Places, Fashion, Travel

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A. Of the DANCE & CLUB photos, the most liked dance places are (in order):
01 Rumba Latina the Cave
02 The Oak 
03 Route 66 Oman / at qurum resort and 
04 Trader Vics, Intercontinental Hotel

B. Of the FOOD photos, the most liked are (in order):
01 Casual Meals with Pinoy friends e.g. Maria Dazzle Villaester Flancia in AUH
02 Farewell dinners e.g. last dinner at Almouj Golf at Al Mouj Muscat
03 Coffee meet ups with friends e.g. Costa Coffee
04 Asian food like Shang Thai
05 Chicken e.g. Taza, Al Kwair 
06 Boutique cafe e.g. Bazaar Rest & Cafe

C. Of the PHOTOGRAPHY photos, the most liked are (in order):
01 Travel related accommodations e.g. Canvas Club Tents
02 Iconic places e.g. Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque
03 Themed photoshoots e.g. Naruto shoot of Zandro Ariel Okada

D. Of the EVENTS photos, the most liked are those which are out of the ordinary:
01 Car Rally/Drag Race
02 Dolphin Watching & Snorkeling
03 Hotel Parties
04 Dhow Cruises

E. Of the TRAVEL photos, the top ones are:
01 Baguio, Philippines 
02 Burias Islands
03 Malaysia trip
04 Korea 
05 Lucena, Philippines

F. Of the FASHION photos, the most liked ones are:
01 Trench coat in Baguio
02 Glam pose in a random bridge
03 Random pose in SM Mall

What I can infer from the findings of my analysis is that.

Disclaimer, although I am stitching some inferences here, it doesn't really mean that I will be featuring them in my Instagram soon. 

Parties and Booze

Instagram users are interested to see more of active photos that show movements and anything that has alcohol in it. The more wasted the people are in the photo, the more appealing it becomes. To an extent, audience want to see something out of the ordinary; like things they won't be able to do or accomplish in their limited time.

If I may coin a term to describe this phenomenon, it would be "Grim Spectacle" just because people tend to gravitate towards photos that are beyond the realms of mores and social norms. In short, the more crazy, the higher the likes (which will have to be substantiated in further studies).

Human Contact

Also, Instagram users are more keen to respond towards photos which show seeming human contact be it in small gathering like eating or in more extreme scenarios like fights or sexual contact; anything that depicts real human touch. Perhaps technology has alienated people in making an effort to reach out to others- to talk in person, to touch another person, etc. Technology has not bridged anything but in fact dissuaded people from making real communication. And this longing for human contact usually fires up interest, making a photo gather more interest.

Insider Information

Finally, it is note worthy to mention that Instagram users are not actually interested about the account holder. These users are interested to know and monitor what one is doing- whether there's a new place, food, event that can be exploited. Because aside from stalking on someone else's life, Instagram also becomes a hub for insider information. 

These are the things that you don't get from the marketing and promotional materials of businesses and establishments. Besides, people are lazy to look for information. They utilize the relative portion of information they get from social media and that's the be and all of it. And this should not be taken against the younger generation; after all, this generation has not been through tough times. And they don't know much about the struggles of the past.

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