Sunday, November 20, 2016

EVENT | 2016 UAAP Cheerdance Competition Results

So here's a little alma matter spirit to break the tension in the Philippines. NU bags its 4th crown in the 2016 UAAP Cheerdance Competition. 

And why does it even matter? Well simply put it this way- UP Pep Squad has decided not to join this year (or the many more years to come, we never know). And with the team to beat gone in the arena, any Champion's feat will be left questionable e.g. Uhm, did they win 'coz UP was not included? 

Anyhow, some trivia for y'all UAAP Cheerdance fanatics:

UP has the most number of medals (20), followed by UST (16) and FEU (15)
UST has the longest reign as Champions (5 consecutive in a row)
UST also has the highest score in the history of the competition (circa 2006, with 94.96)
NU currently has 4 championships in its bag (2 more to go and you're awesome)

Scoring the 2016 Competition

The results of the 2016 CDC ain't that really surprising (because, hello, dami hulog ng mga schools). It was only NU which proved to be a strong contender this years, but as I've written earlier- walang UP so, yun lang.

Perhaps the two other contenders who would take the podium FEU vs Adamson, from a personal view, I think Adamson deserves to be the first runner up simply because:

FEU doesn't realize that black absorbs color and their movements are barely discernable on TV. So minus kaagad sa scoresheet ko yan. Wrong choice of costume.

FEU although tosses are good, the overall impact is rather blah, I mean transitions are not solid. It's like they scramble from one formation to another.

FEU uses Broadway! OMG, of all themes, musicals would perhaps be the most wrong choice you could ever choose. Because the musical treatment willl divert the attention of the audience, rather than focusing on the stunts. So yun lang.

Anyhow, here are the videos of the TOP three... Enjoy.

National University
Champion- 88.88

Far Eastern University 
1st RU - 82.31

Adamson University 
2nd RU - 81.88

And of course, a thank you performance for the unbeatable, team to beat.. the team with puso!

University of the Philippines
Thank you performance 2016

If you have some opposing views on this article, or perhaps some violent reaction, I would love to hear them... but make sure that you have facts to support you. 

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