Wednesday, April 5, 2017

SPORTS | La Liga, Barcelona vs. Sevilla (3-0)

Am I a soccer fan?

Absolutely not. But tonight, as I witness Sevilla getting squashed by Barcelona during La Liga, one goal after another- I thought to myself, 'how far should we pound others to feel better about ourselves'. 

Time check, and it's 60 minutes past the game. Only half an hour and the it would end. There is no freaking way that Sevilla will make a point unless Barcelona lets down its defense. 

Yes, this is a game; and the goal is to win. 

But I am also for some leniency towards others who can't keep up anymore. Sevilla was obviously distraught after the second and third goals. What could be running on the the goal keeper's mind, 'Oh my god.. I'm screwed'.


It not easy to be on the losing end. It's a barren and arid place to be in, devoid of self-esteem; filled of self doubts.

So I feel badly for Sevilla.

But such is the nature of the game. In order to survive, you just need to be better. Perhaps it's not about letting the underdogs win in a fair fight; that's cheating. And cheating diminishes pride.

Perhaps the key is to improve on the weakness so you can keep up with the game.

Final results, 3-0 in favor of Barcelona. #LaLiga #Barcelona #Sevilla #Messi #Neymar #Suarez

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