Monday, May 29, 2017

TRAVEL | Breakfast at Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah

This week, I decided to do something out of the usual- have breakfast in a five star hotel. I've never really made an effort to wake up early in the morning. Not the morning person that I am, but I did go out.

The drive to Shangri-La from Muscat was smooth. Not many cars are on the road on Fridays. And as we arrived at the reception of the hotel, a valet took my car keys. We headed to the receptionist to ask for the breakfast.

Initially, we were told that the breakfast costs this much. But we know that it is not the right price so we had to request them to check again, and true enough the rate was different. And so after a little talk, we began our Friday brekky. 

I like Shangri-La because it is not as crowded as other beaches in Muscat, in fact not many people are in the beach. Can't really blame them as the temperature is a cracking 50 degrees. The water was fine, but the moment you step onto the sand then you are jolted back to reality- 'Hey this is Oman'.

Further, I was fortunate because it was the last day that the "lazy river" was opened. Maintenance was done the next day.

Saw many families with kids in Al Waha; and that's why I prefer to stay in Al Bandar. Let's just say kiddos are not my cup of tea. Nonetheless it was nice to see the families enjoying.

There were some adults too and I bet they are there with their families.

But yeah, if anyone is interested staying in Shangri-La with kids, then by all means stay in Al Waha. The rest of the population can stay in Al Bandar and Al Husn.

As for me, well I just basked in the sun until my back hurt (and as expected, now I have sun burn).

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