Wednesday, June 28, 2017

TRAVEL | Dubai Tourist Visa - Valid Until

Dubai Tourist Visa

A few days ago, I had the most unnerving dilemma with my Dubai tourist visa. You see, the visa has two validities:

Valid until states 23 Jun 2017, erstwhile my flight arrives in Dubai on 1am of 23 Jun 2017

A. Valid until - states the life of the visa (prior to entering the UAE), standard duration of a visa validity is 58 days upon application. Meaning - you need to use the visa within 58 days, otherwise it expires.

B. Valid for - states until when you can stay in UAE. The standard length of stay is 30 days.[1]

Saturday, June 3, 2017

MOVIE REVIEW | Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman
Rating: 8 / 10 

Not my favorite DC movie really, but when I think about Batman and Superman, I must say that Wonder Woman is not a bad film. As with the usual DC films, there is depth in the story. But what makes Wonder Woman different from other DC superhero films is that-

1. There was humor in the film.
2. It was not dark and grim.
3. The mood was uplifting and has a sense of redemption 
4. It was not afraid to kill the love interest which made a big difference.

Other than those, here are some of my thoughts:

TRAVEL | Pietro Boselli Travel Videos of the Philippines

Here's the compendium of Pietro Boselli videos about the Philippines (which I may have said before, good enough to attract visitors from different parts of the World).

Click the links to see the videos.

Part 1: Pietro Boselli in Palawan El Nido

Part 2: Pietro Boselli in Coron
Part 3: Pietro in Cebu & Bohol, Philippines

Be inspired and visit the Philippines too.

The perfect travel period will be before Summer starts, around March and April. May is the peak of the Summer season and by then, everyone flocks to most common tourist destinations and if crowded places are not your thing then it will be wise to plan ahead.

Security wise, so long as you travel in groups then you'll be OK. Not discourage individual travelers, but numbers will protect you.

TRAVEL | Pietro in Cebu & Bohol, Philippines

Can't get enough of the Philippines. Here's the third vid from the travels of Pietro. This time he visits Cebu, the Queen capital of the South in the Philippines and Bohol, Tagbilaran.

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