Wednesday, June 28, 2017

TRAVEL | Dubai Tourist Visa - Valid Until

Dubai Tourist Visa

A few days ago, I had the most unnerving dilemma with my Dubai tourist visa. You see, the visa has two validities:

Valid until states 23 Jun 2017, erstwhile my flight arrives in Dubai on 1am of 23 Jun 2017

A. Valid until - states the life of the visa (prior to entering the UAE), standard duration of a visa validity is 58 days upon application. Meaning - you need to use the visa within 58 days, otherwise it expires.

B. Valid for - states until when you can stay in UAE. The standard length of stay is 30 days.[1]

 It would have been Ok if not for the fact that I enter Dubai on the exact day of the "Valid until". Meaning, there is a big chance that "Valid until" could be interpreted as the last day and immigration officers might not let me through.

But after a few research and asking around, I was assured that I can enter Dubai on the day of the "Valid until". I have noted the webpage below which touches more on the "Valid until" topic.

Fortunately, the immigration didn't make any fuss about the visa and stamped my passport easy breezy.

Dubai Visa for Philippine Passport Holders

Philippine passport holders need to apply for visa before heading to the UAE. The visa application can be done online, but I suggest to go through credible travel agencies because they would know better how to handle the application.

Processing takes 3 to 5 days. Depends mainly on the applicant's record. Cost is around 200 to 250 AED.


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