It was October 2010 when I first set foot in China. My first to travel alone as well. I was scared and excited. To travel alone is something a normal Pinoy wouldn't do, but I guess I'm not so normal. I'm extraordinary.

From a distance, you'll see the towering buildings in Shanghai. These buildings show the architectural diversity in China. Only shows how creative Chinese people are.

The Oriental Pearl Tower is a TV and Radio tower in Shanghai classified as a scenic spot. 
Shanghai in the morning.

Shanghai nights. Busy street at night where cars and people meet.

By the neon lights, Shanghai glows at night.
Finally, one of the seven wonders of the World. Never really thought I'd live to see this place in real life. It felt so surreal just to stand there, feel the walls.

Mao Zedong's seat of power during the Cultural Revolution of China and the height of China's communism. Mao has long gone but his legacy remains in China.

The Forbidden Temple or Emperor's Palace is where the monarchy used to live. Back when China was ruled by its emperor, this palace came to be known as the country's symbol of power.

Traditional market where you purchase Chinese souvenirs. I just learned here that Chinese people have an odd sense of doing business, of haggling especially. One needs to be very keen on bargaining when coming to places like this.

The Summer Palace is where the Emperor's wife used to stay during summer days. This was especially built for the concubine and became reception for high ranking visitors in China.

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