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Beauty Pageants

Ariella Arida's Good Angles
Remarkable Beauties
Beauty Pageants
Venus Raj (2010): The Catwalk
Miriam Quiambao (1999): Revisited
Venus Raj In A "Major Major" Way


Just In- Revenge Wears Prada / French Short Stories
Internationalization of the Bangsamoro Struggle: Book Critique
Reading List
Who Moved My Cheese
ISO 9000
Hunger Games
Project Management


Photo Competition 2014
Nikon Heart of the Image Challenge
Korea POP Singing Contest


Lessons from Boss
Heads Lead the Body
Corporate Observations: Timing and Human Emotions
Corporate Observations 3: Fashion and Looks
Corporate Observations 2: Boss Attitude
Corporate Observations 1: Ranking and Psyche
Universal McCann Philippines
List of 2011 Philippine Public Holiday
Punctuality Says a Lot About You
The Not So Much of An Interview at Citibank
Making Resumes
Observations (at Citibank NA)
Setting Personal Goals
Leaders and Managers
Managers and Leaders
Understand the Second Intent
Dealing With Difficult People
The Nothing Person
The Big P: Procrastination
Research Manager


Learning Salsa Moves - Beginner's Combo & RHT with Threading the Needle
Bailando Salsa Choreography
Salsa in a Foreign Land
Salsa and Bachata Index
La Rueda
Bachata - Intermediate Routines
Lambada... Re-living Childhood Memories
(Bachata) Latest in Oman: Learning Bachata Routines & Guides
(Salsa) Latest in Oman: Learning Salsa Routines
Salsa & Danza Kuduro


Wooden House
Start of My Lucid Dreams
Upside Down Cup
I Dreamt of an Apple On a Tree
Reaction to '5 Ways to Hack Your Brain Into Awesomeness'

December 2014 Christmas Parties
Third Year Anniversary of Latin Dance Muscat
So You Think You Can Dance... Salsa?
Singing the Night Away at PDO Public Beach
The Many First Times in September
Wedding, Dhow and Karaoke... the latest LDM activities
From Bowling to Spaghetti
Meanwhile in Muscat
Bowling... After So Many Years!!!
I Capuleti e I Montecchi... My First Opera
Pre-Summer Barbeque Party
Dutch Ball at PDO

Film Reviews
Gone Girl (2014)- Funny, Sinister and Mind Boggling
Every Second Counts... When You're Racing for a Spiderman 2 Ticket
Hunger Games: Catching Fire
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel: Film Review
James Wan's "Insidious" and "The Conjuring"
Pacific Rim: Modern Propaganda
Dante's Peak: Reasoning as God's Gift
The Mummy Returns: Historical Context
Sucker Punch: Feminist Reading in a Fantasy World
Wrath of the Titans
Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen
Elle Le Regarde
A Comparison of the Mise-En-Scene of Amores Perros and Requiem for A Dream
Tulad Ng Dati (2008) Review
Surface and Underground: A Discussion on the Themes of 'Our Sweet Days'
Holy Daddy
Rosario (2010): Film Review
Wika Ko Sa Pelikulang Koreyano: Isang Pagtalakay Sa Kung Paano Nakakaapekto Ang Pagsasalin ng Wika Sa Pelikulang 'My Sassy Girl'
Rizal/ Bayaning Third World
Batad (2008) Review


Grilled Fish to Sweets... the Gastro September
Gastro Trip in Cambodia and Thailand 2013
Food Blog (Saudi Arabia)
Dampa (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
Ling Nam
Bellissimo Ristorante
Kamayan Sa Palaisdaan, Tayabas Quezon
Porkee's Quezon City
Starbucks Technohub, Don Antonio and Convergy's

Body Type - Ectomorph
Extreme Fitness Gym


Exam Time
Be Careful of What You Wish For
Blonde Mortician
Vatican Humor
Student Needs Money
Funny Cartoons
Funny Line
Elderly In Focus (the gag edition)
The Turtle and the Ducks
The Old Man and Death
Hallym Overheard 2007 Edition

Language Barrier... and the Funny Side Of It All
Idiom #3 : Reinventing the wheel
Idiom #2 : Between the devil and the deep blue sea
Idiom #1 : Throw the baby out with the bath water
Common Expressions
Multimedia English
Korean Sites
한국인들이 흔히 실수하는 영어표현들

OFW Chronicles

Oman Employment Visa Application Series: International Diagnostic Center, Inc.
Oman Employment Visa Aplication Series: GAMCA
Oman Employment Visa Application Series: Search for GAMCA
New Customs Rule for Imported Goods into Saudi Arabia

Photo Featured in German Travel Guide
Photoshoots In Oman
Bangkok, Thailand Photo
Pattaya, Thailand Photoshoot
Siem Reap, Cambodia Photoshoot
Photoshoot Reminders
Pilot Shots
One Year in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
My Top Five 2010 Christmas Photos

Social Analysis

Problem Solving : What Does It Take For A Country to Develop?
Debunking Beauty Myths From Idol Kim's Stand Up Comedy
Jokes Are Culture Sensitive
Wanda Sykes on First Black President
Adapting to Diverse Cultures for Development
Analyzing the Audience and Content
Habits of the Filipino Jerk (with Annotations)
Unacceptable English
Activation-Synthesis Model of Dreaming
Freedom of Expression: An Analysis of Its Veracity
Ferdinand Edralin Marcos: Triumph and Fall
Qualitative Research: Advantage of this Paradigm
Boethius and Buddhist Philosophy on Desire and Suffering
Nyaya Epistemological Framework
Indian Philosophy
Propaganda: Isang Maikling Kasaysayan
Muslim sa Mindanao sa Pananakop ng mga Kastila
Filipino Affection
Signs That You Are Pinoy
Rituals of the Filipinos
Communication Theories
Crossing the Line: When Advertising Gets Insidious
Kulturang Popular: Resistance at Evasion
Medical Health Care... Or the Absence Of It
The Land of Irony
The Philippines Moves Forward
It's More Fun in The Philippines | DOT Official
Ghost Fighter & Bioman: Eccentricity of Dialectics (In Short- Nakakatawang Tagalog)
Being Different
Social Revolution
Belittling Pinoys... No Way!
Prince Harry's Only Human
Of Etiquettes
The Filipino New Year Celeb Is All About Food
Pinoy Kasi
PNP Taking Picture at Quirino Grandstand Bus Hostage Taking
What Teachers Make?
The Quality of Life
Past Entries (Poor Philippines, Happy Philippines; Misa De Gallo; Differences; Filipino Christmas; Party Hassle; New Year Emotions)
My Funny Valentine
Filipino New Year Celeb Is All About Food
2009 World Pyrolympics
The Conclusion (Korean Pronunciation)
Kamera Kafe: A Textual Analysis on the Portrayal of Filipinos in Camera Cafe
Jogging in November
Adapting to Diverse Culture for Development
President Arroyo's Menu and Bill in New York
Impress10n: Importance of Media on the Bid for the 2010 National Elections
Introduction to Theater
Theater 100: A Compilation of Narratives
Osteology Class
Small Dots
Random Ranting
Science and Technology
Konsepto At Imahe ng Salitang 'Filipino'
The Disembodied Lady: Realizing the Importance of Our Bodily Functions
Inspirations and Realizations: Jose Rizal's Childhood
Epistolaries of Rizal
Looking Back At Mom's Lessons
EDSA's Legacy
We Still Know What's Best for Us: A Reaction to Separation of Powers in Constitution-Making 
The Guy's Rules: 101 On Men's Nature
Isang Pagkukuro Sa "Sagot ng Espanya Sa Hibik ng Filipinas"
Ours Is A Great Nation
Positive Thinking


Amistad Spa
New York Spa
Seven Senses Spa
(Defunct) City Lifestyle Spa and Fitness Center Review


The TOP Expats Destinations Are...
Happy Diwali
Eid Mubarak
The MERS Virus
Take the Pledge... Earth Hour 2014
2013 Year Ender Summary
Donating to Yolanda Victims
A Plea to Help the Philippines
How to Help the Haiyan Typhoon Victims in the Philippines
Open Invitation for Bloggers
The 83rd Annual Academy Awards: Best Picture
Ricky Martin Talks Book, Coming Out
2011 Oscar Nominations Predictions (Partly)
68th Annual Golden Globe Results
The 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards
Hallym Academic Exchange Program
Briquette UP: Revival of Briquette Industry
Korean Events


Post World Cup 2014 Snaps
Final Match - Germany vs Argentina
Kevin-Prince Boateng of FC SCHALKE 04
Kim Yuna's Post Sochi 2014 Thoughts
Get Ready to Laugh... Courtesy of Javier Fernandez
Yuna Kim 2010 & 2013

Spur of the Moment
Post Vacation Blues
Day 516 In Oman
Left Behind
Lea Salonga at Marie's Crisis Piano Bar at NYC - "On My Own" & "A Whole New World"
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2011): Quotes from Evelyn
Cory Monteith Found Dead in Pacific Rim Hotel, Vancouver
Nice to See You Again My Old Pal- UP!
Almost Losing It
The Risk Taker
Start Planning
A New Horizon
My Saudi Odyssey
The Man and the Alter Ego
New Organizers
Life and Death... and Something in Between
2013 New Year's Resolution
New Years's Resolution 2012 - Evaluation
End of Times
Recently in Riyadh
Procrastination: Level 1 to 6
Camera and Traveling
Blog Stat: 62,000 and Counting
Better Blogger. Never Happpened
In Retrospect
Driving License
Riyadh Chronicles
Lost in Thoughts
Everything Online
Just Trying Out...
Late Nights at the Office
Goofy Morning at the Office
Life in Riyadh
No Energy
My Two Week Vacation
Things That Are Impossible To Say When You're Drunk
Ricky Gervais in Retrospect
I Used to be Pisces: Earth Rotation Changes Zodiac Signs
ML Kwarta Padala and the Epic Journey
What Are Your Strengths?
Masculine Wash
My Top Five 2010 Christmas Photos
To Write More
Intraspection Again
Been A While
Public Pools
At 1am
Just Before Breakfast
What To Do?
Better Days
UP Memory 3: Don Antonio House
UP Memory 2: BA European Languages Major in French
UP Memory 1: Palma Hall On A Rainy Monday
Random Thoughts
Harry's Family
Keeping My Cool
Bad Day
Epiphany of the Lord
New Year's Resolution 2010
To Write More
The Crazy Days
Three Word Phrases
Last Night I Lost My Phone at Che'Lu
Murphy's Law
34th UP Kalilayan Alumni Homecoming
Filthy Rich
Urgency and Responsibility
A Winner I Will Always Be
The Victor
Stressed As Usual
Pikon - Cranky
What to Write?
Can't Start What Have to be Done
Ending Internship
The End
Branch Visit
Citi Never Sleeps
I Refuse to be a Victim
Tasks Done
I'm Still A College Scholar
Contract Signing
Trunks and Grudge
My Worries
Vacation Is Coming But Not So Soon
A Star Is Born
Valentine with Family
Friday Madness
Sleepless, A Little More and I Am Giving In
I Feel I Need to Go Back to My Old Life
With Eyes Drooping
Colors, What's With the Fetish?
Christmas 2008
My Working Space
Christmas Eve
Chatting at 5am
Am Back
So Many Things To Do, So Little Time
Korean Speech
Me and Park Ji Heon
I'm So Down
Tuesday Gloomy Tuesday
Semester's Almost Done
I Feel Blessed Despite Tribulations
I Am the Best
Sleep Is My Greatest Enemy
Star Filled Day
The Folly of Me
The Same Ol' Sunday
Touring Manila
The Best Korean Song
Why Suffer?
Internet: What A Mess
First Semester Booboos
Friday Thoughts
Things To Do After Returning To The Philippines
Handwriting Analysis
Talking Brain
Frustrated at 6:20
Sigh, Sigh, Sigh
University Life (Chapter 1)
What Is Love?
Bad Hair Day
The Classes Finally
I Know I Can
Gut Feeling
I Wanna Be
Toothache and Effort
Bad Day
My Autobiography
Of Roommates, Friends and Sex
High School Myths
It's Not the Jacket
The Pain of Cough
Mundane Things On My Mind Lately


Coastal Roadtrip ( Muscat to Sur )
FAQs on Oman
Prologue to Personal Travel Guide
Wondering For The Most Efficient Itinerary... Vacation in 2014
Tale of a Country's Twisted Logic
Travel Tips 2014 Edition
Abu Dhabi 2013 Memoirs: The Arrival
Abu Dhabi - Dubai: Couchsurfing in Dubai
Abu Dhabi 2013: The Pickled Night (Last Night in Abu Dhabi)
Abu Dhabi 2013 Memoirs: The Last Day
Abu Dhabi Itinerary
Dubai Backpacking 101: Itinerary
Abu Dhabi Backpacking 101
Dubai Backpacking 101: Visa, Flight and Immigration
Bandar Khayran, Oman
Oman Escapades: Prologue
The Poi Pet Encounter: Crossing from Cambodia to Thailand Through Poi Pet Aranyaprathet
Siem Reap, Cambodia: Memoirs
Backpacking 101: Prologue to Cambodia-Thailand Trip
Leaving the Night Before (In Korea 2008)
Visa Exemption for Filipinos
Lone Sojourner
NAIA 1, 2 and 3
Airport Lessons
Tagbilaran Daytour Bohol
Kwebang Lampas, Pagbilao Quezon
Farewell Time
The Last Night in Manila
Seafood, Balut and Bingo
Hitting the Beach
Going Native at Palaisdaan
Jeenyong's Arrival
Lunch at Greenhills Mall
A Visit to Intramuros
Pick UP at NAIA Terminal 1
Kamayan sa Palaisdaan, Tayabas Quezon
Porkee's, Quezon City
Starbucks at Techno Hub, Philcoa, Don Antonio and Convergy's
Tagaytay Outing 7 - Mahogany Market
Tagaytay Outing 6 - Bag of Beans
Tagaytay Outing 5 - Mushroom Burger
Tagaytay Outing 4 - Picnic Area
Tagaytay Outing 3 - Zipline
Tagaytay Outing 2 - Picnic Grove
Tagaytay Outing 1 - Intro
Climbing Mt. Banahaw
Talk About Some Bar Hopping On A Saturday Night
I Said Goodbye to My Fantasy
Coming Back to Korea
West Sea
First Time in Korea 2
Memories in Korea
Christmas in Korea 2008


Callum and Clinton's Wedding
Oppa Gangnam Style - Saudi Edition
75th UAAP Cheerdance Competition Results and Rants
The Caffeinated Lots
A Glimpse of Riyadh
Bicol Summer Getaway 2011
Panglao-Tagbilaran Bohol Daytour
CCTV Caught Stealing Laptop from Bag at Oyster Boy Metro Walk (Camera 4)
The Filipino New Year 2011
I Just Had Sex (No, it's not my sex video- just a fun vid)
A Story of Growing Old
Alejandro Addict
I Just Had Sex
A Story of Growing Old


Gabriel Peri Paul Eluard Gallimard 1966
Journal 16: Les Histoires Courtes Francais Du 19e et 20e Siecle
Journal 15: La Meme Jour
Journal 14: Les Philippines Me Manquent
Journal 13: Je Deteste La Cigarette
Journal 12: Mon Camarade De Chambre Francais
Journal 10 & 11: J'adore Les Nouvelles Technologies
Journal 9: Ma Grande Famille
Journal 8: Des Expressions Francaises et Anglaises
Journal 7: Philadelphia
Journal 6: Meme Etudes
Journal 5: Le Telephone
Journal 4: La Semaine Derniere
Journal 3: Mon Travail
Journal 2: Comment Cuire Des Spaghettis
Journal 1: Pourquoi Je Veux Apprendre Le Francais Encore

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