Finally, after years of waiting I am now able to share my travel in Korea. There are just so many photos which I don't think I can upload but suffice to say that these photos I am sharing are some of the best memories I had in Korea.

Myeongdong, a public market in Chuncheon City. Myeongdong is famous for being the shooting location of the Asian drama hit, "Winter Sonata".

Named as one of the best airports in the world, I landed in this Airport. Imagine, it was my first time to travel abroad and I was able to get in this celebrated place. 
Dakkalbi, a very famous spicy chicken dish. Best served in Chuncheon City.
Real snow falling on my head. This was my first ever time to see snow.
Jimjilbang nights. Jimjilbang is another term for 'public bath' where people take shower in public and rest after. There's also food like egg and rice juice which are really delicious after a hot sauna.
Royal guard in Gyeongbukong Palace. In Seoul, there you can find the old King's Palace. There's where the royal highness used to live.
The entrance to the royal palace. The palace stretches out to a long connected smaller palaces.

View of the palace from the outside.
The East Sea. They call the place, "Gangneung" a beautiful sea shore which is even more beautiful in summer.

Andong. Old provincial town where you can find traditional Korean stuff, but what really impressed upon me apart from the architecture and scenery is Andong's "Jimdak", a chicken cuisine.

Traditional house in Andong. This was used as some sort of school for Korean people.

Gong used for public notices, or prayers.

Rocky seashore in my friend's province - Gangneung.

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