Graceland Estates and Country Club
Tayabas, Quezon

Just after my 10th year high school reunion, I proceeded directly to Graceland. This is a private country club in Tayabas Quezon and only members can enter. Or if you know anybody who's a member, just ask them to put you in their guest list. There are so many things that you can do inside- swimming, boating, horse back riding, camping, dining, etc. Nice place to relax.

Trees abound in the area and a swing with someone can be really romantic.

Graceland is just perfect for your barkada trip.

Feels like every moment is a Kodak moment.

Fun to pose with this rustic surroundings.

Hanging out with friends. Just perfect.

Horse back riding.

Sitting by the lake. Pondering maybe.

Typical rice paddies in the province.

Archery, one of the many activities you can do.

Getting ready for the boating, with our life vests on.

San Miguel Arkanghel (St. Michael the Archangel)
Tayabas, Quezon

So just recently this May 2013, I attended a wedding in Tayabas Quezon. For all you people out there, Tayabas is a nearby town of Lucena City. It's a peaceful and friendly place that serves the most exquisite Filipino foods in this side of the region, particularly that of suman and tilapia. Added to that is the infamous Basilica, which has the longest aisle in all of the Churches in Asia.

The Basilica's Tower. Old stones dating to Pre Hispanic ages still remain.

Longest aisle in Asia.

Decorated with leaves for the wedding.

So here comes the couple.

St. Michael's statue

Candle light

Church's view from the outside

Church from the inside

Participants in the wedding

Production people at work

Couples now coming out while people throw rice, coins and confetti for good luck.

Infamous Tayabas product- lambanog. Similar to Vodka.

Photo op with Senator Manny Villar and yes, ME!


Bohol is probably one of Philippines' prime tourist spot famous for its natural beauty whether on land or by the sea. The place boasts diving spots which are simply world class. Interesting places abound and lots of things to see just around the town of Panglao with just a motorcycle ride. Below are some of the coolest photos I had during this trip.

Panglao from afar

Hermit crab. Just whistle and he'll come out.

The used to be bell tower used to alarm townsfolk of pirate invasion

Just my stuff while I bask under the high noon sun, all alone.

Bohol Diver's lounge where I ate breakfast every morning.

Bohol Diver's pool which I couldn't use because I was always out.

Mangroves where fish abound

Coconut trees at Panglao's sea shores.

Divers preppping up for their dip.


Hinagdanan Cave, so called because there's a ladder inside.

Century old Basilica. Considered to be the oldest in the Philippines.

White sand beach.

Bamboo fences

Bungalow houses at Bohol Divers

Sunrise, what a beautiful day.

Camarines Sur, Bicol

I want to feature CWC in my blog. This was the last aquatic activity I did in May 2011. What I like about this place is that it feels posh and yet affordable. The crowd is not so "masa" but at the same time, prices are reasonable. 

Camsur Watersports Complex or Camarines Sur Watersports Complex is a watersports park designed for wakeboarding, wakeskating andwaterskiing. It is located within the Provincial Capitol Complex, Cadlan, Pili, Camarines Sur. The province of Camarines Sur, situated in southeastern part of Luzon is found in the Philippines, Southeast Asia (Wikipedia).

CWC visitors. Good place to flaunt that body!

Wakeboarding equipment. One wears this when doing the sport.

By the pool. CWC features the wakeboarding area and pool area.

Hot, hot, hot men in CWC.

Too tan because of CWC.

Candid photo of the hot men!

Waiting for their turn. People has to wait for their turn before hanging on those wires.

Huts by the pool.

Hot girls.

More boards!

CWC lobby where you can order food.

Kwebang Lampas
Pagbilao, Quezon

For 2011, I went to this hidden white sand beach in Pagbilao, Quezon called Kwebang Lampas (please see related article inside this blogsite). It was an island an hour away from Lucena City, my hometown. We used my father's van so it was quite convenient although there are jeepneys going to this place.

I took two of my Korean friends in this place and we had a great time. I must warn though that there are a number of sea urchins in the beach so better be careful when you go here.

Mouth of the sea. The first leg of the boat journey.
The boat that will carry us to the beach, small boat

Kwebang Lampas entrance. Rocky shore but you need to cross this part to get around the other part of the island.
Jeenyong on the rocks while waiting to board the second boat.
Kathrina with Mirant Powerplant on the background (the red tower).

Spectacular view of the white sand. This is the other side of the island.

Jeenyong on the way to the beach.
People at the cave waving to us, because Jeenyong kept waving at them. That's where I got sea urchined.
First sight of the beach proper. Some people apparently have come earlier than us.

Clear sand and bright sky. Perfect!
Opening to the cave.
Sexy Kino. This photo reminded me of Daniel Craig's 007 days. And the PET bottle he's carrying is, as he calls it, his life saver.

Jeenyong on the sand. He seemed to like basking in the sun but a couple of days later developed sunburn, ouch! 

Me with my Korean friend having fun in the sand.
Rocky beach. Here's where some drunk kids started jumping with my two Korean friends. Just imagine the sea urchins lurking under. 

White sand all over though the beach is quite small compared to Puerto Galera.
Starting to get cloudy. So at 3pm we left the place.

Puerto Galera
May 2010

Roughly about a month after my graduation at the University of the Philippines, Diliman; I decided that it was high time to see the places here in the Philippines, places which have been so infamous throughout the world but I haven't been to yet. So first stop in the list is Puerto Galera in Mindoro. I went there with my Korean friend and two lovely girl friends.

Batangas Pier. A couple of hour travel from Manila. You'll have to take a boat here to get to Puerto Galera.

Jake, my Korean friend on his way to the boat. Well this officially starts the documentation of Puerto Galera adventure.

Me with Laila and Mitch. We had to wear the life vests, because there's a patrol guard on the way. But we get to remove it after passing through the check point. But I was too scared to remove it.

Watching the blue waters. Actually, half of the trip all of us were asleep.

Approaching Puerto. The water looked blue and serene I could have jumped from the boat.

It was a hot day when we arrived. Finally, the shore of Puerto Galera.

Now the next thing to do is to find a room for three days. Rooms during peak season don't come cheap so we had to find the best deal.

Fortunately, we got ourselves a good room and right after changing clothes and eating lunch we hit the shore. No time to waste.

The beach from afar. The sands of Puerto Galera isn't white actually, but it is ideal for swimming.

The beach's name by the way is "White Beach Resort" and there are several other resorts still in Puerto Galera but this beach is the most ideal for swimming.

Flex those muscles. Jake and his gym toned body he worked for in months. Way to go hunky Jake!

A lot of souvenir shops abound Puerto Galera. Here Laila chooses swim suit for herself.

At noon, sun can be so scorchingly hot we had to take cover. But again, no time to waste.

No dull moments in Puerto Galera. You can do so many things at the beach.

The good thing about Puerto is that you can just do pretty much what you like and people don't care. So even if you fancy throwing slippers like Jake.

I prefer basking in the sun.. and yes I got sun burn afterwards.

Night life's pretty awesome too. So many bars and clubs to choose from. The experience is just grand.

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