Saudi Arabia

I'm starting my blog on Saudi Arabia.
Well, I should have started blogging about Saudi long before but I just felt the urgency now.

Urgency?! Well yeah sort of urgency because I always think that I won't ever have the chance of going back to places I have visited here in Saudi anyway. As the saying goes, "you only pass this way once... " so better make the most out of what you have.  

At the moment, I have several nice photos taken from here in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Say what? Yes, Saudi Arabia. And you may ask what on Earth am I doing out here. Well, things happen. And they happen for reason. I may never understand the exact reason but there is a reason.

Faisaliyah Tower in Olaya, Riyadh.

Kingdom Tower

Saudi Date Tree and I

Kingdom Tower with some other Filipinos

Thaliya Road in Olaya... sitting at one of the cafe's.

Cafe near Kingdom Tower

Chocolata Cafe... nice cafe.
Kamsa Kamsa (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)

Bedouin (aka Badu) sitting on one of the cement blocks. Bedouins are nomadic people in Riyadh.

Kamsa Kamsa. Pinoys gather here to enjoy their holidays or weekends.

TCN Camp, place where I stay and where most employees are living.

Broasted Chicken. Up to now, I don't know what "broasted" is. But this is just deep fried chicken.

Sole shack in a dessert sea.

More Badu's. :)

Red Sand, Riyadh. Sand dunes are used as driving grounds for ATV's.

Sitting on an ATV. Though I'm not really crazy about these bikes, still had a try. Well- a bit fun.

Old King's Palace. Saudi Arabia remains to be an ultra conservative monarchy and this place used to be one of the many palaces of the royalties. FYI, there are hundreds of prince's in Saudi due to the fact that polygamy is allowed.

Riyadh Nights. Although Riyadh is relatively closed to Western ideas, there exists a clear evidence of the slow but obvious transformation of social landscape. Just as this photo shows, taken from a night coffee shop.

Tagged as one of the worst airport in the world, Riyadh Airport would look at you in the eyes and say, "I don't give a sh*t what the world say about me." Ain't saying anything else about this.

With an Egyptian friend. It's interesting to note that just as Pinoys loathe Saudi locals and their barbaric nature, Egyptians also share the same sentiment. Egyptians don't exactly love Saudi's as well.

On sunny days like this, we get a chance to eat out in places where they serve real food. Food in Saudi Arabia is mainly consisted of chicken and well, chicken.

Olaya Street and the Faisaliyah Tower.

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