Friday, December 31, 2010

EVENT | Filipino New Year Celeb is All About Food

The new year, 2011 has finally come. A new beginning for everybody and this year I hope things become better for everybody. 2010 wasn't that bad at all but I just hope the new year ushers in brighter hope.

Anyhow, for this blog let me introduce the Filipino way of celebrating the new year. For Filipinos, aside from the century old tradition on lighting firecrackers which is believed to drive away evil spirits, a much more important practice is well- to eat. Filipinos' penchant for food is really amazing and since I am a Filipino I can say I have inherited the gene. It's sinfully pleasurable to indulge if food is served in front of you. The problem is, Filipino dish is really unhealthy. But I've got tomorrow to go jogging anyway and burn those calories.

Table served with Filipino food

Fried Tilapia (St. Peter's fish)

Beef Caldereta (Tenderized beef)

Fried chicken

Menudo (Diced pork)

Adobo  (Pork with soy sauce)

Lumpiang Shanghai (Fried dumplings)

The table again. In Filipino culture, it is customary to serve all the food in a long table so guests can help themselves easily.

The food was courtesy by my colleague, Judith Valdoz. And so after the "media noche" (midnight meal) family and friends get together for a while maybe drink and then end the night with good wishes for the new year.

2011 I hope would really be good to me. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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