Thursday, December 30, 2010

TRAVEL | Porkee's, Quezon City

Still in Quezon City (seems my life has been all about this city lately), my fellow teachers decided to celebrate the company's post Christmas party in PORKEE's BAR located in Quezon City.  Anyway I realized that when going to a bar, I better equip myself with a very important weapon- complete lyrics of a song. I had to sing FAITHFULLY in this bar without knowing the exact lyrics I ended up shooting lyrics here and there. But it was fun though. Next time really I would be prepared.

Photo with band's vocalist. We had a duet singing "The Closer I Get to You" and yes I did the female part. I will upload the video later.

PORKEE's a typical bar with a live band playing updated pop music (the lead singer was singing Bruno Mars' "Just the Way You Are" when we entered).

The interior was common for a bar that features marble posts with colorful chandeliers hanging above sleek tables and chairs (I don't really know how to define chairs and tables.. hahaha, somebody please help me out with this). The liquor bar is on the right side, while the toliet is adjacent to the liquor counter. Toilet's kind of small but will do. They have wash area.

The food was nothing spectacular, pretty expensive and salty if you ask me. It was just funny coz most of the teachers ordered meals in a bar. It looked like we were having midnight snacks.

Service wasn't fast unfortunately, with waiters serving with the least enthusiasm. The waiters would serve the plates in the wrong places (not even minding to ask if the food belongs to somebody). The crowd was mostly oldies. 

StandbyEnglish teachers and friends at Porkee's. We paid 6,000 Php for the food which doesn't feel worth the price.

Overall, I would rate this bar: 4 / 10

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