Thursday, December 30, 2010

TRAVEL | Starbucks, TechnoHub Philcoa; Don Antonio, and Convergy's

Starbucks Philcoa while looking at an expensive water jug

So here comes 2011, and I'm wordless. Funny I'll be sitting in front of my computer at a time like this when I'm supposed to be out and having fun. But then again, I am better off without me spending too much since I have to save money for this rainy days to come (figuratively!).

Drinking Choco at 2am
Last night though, me and my colleagues dropped by STARBUCKS TECHNOHUB PHILCOA QUEZON CITY to have some coffee at 2am. It was rather late but since we have nothing to do the following day so it was pretty fine.

Starbucks Philcoa is the place to hang out if you're in the UP Diliman area. Actually, there aren't many cafes in this area so if you just feel like sipping that much deserved cup of coffee/chocolate then you can visit this branch.

As far as I know, there are two other Starbucks in Commonwealth. One is located near Don Antonio. Personally I prefer staying here since not many people come here. Very quiet, except when some stupid-insensitive customers start chatting in their higher trhan normal voices. The toilet is spacious and near so you need not worry about leaving your laptop since you can come back for it quickly. The staff in this place are also very accommodating. I like the fact that the staff here are courteous and helpful. You can always ask for an extra shot of soya milk if you're dissatisfied with your serving. The guard's really nice too. You can always ask him to safelock your laptop if you choose.

The other place is located near St. Peter's parish (the same building with Convergy's). Although I won't recommend this branch since it's usually crowded with call center agents and Koreans studying inside.

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