Sunday, January 2, 2011

Masculine Wash

For a time, I thought genital wash products are only for women until I saw from the grocery this brand for men. I thought, WHAT?! Why on earth do we men have to wash our genitals? Curious as I am, I read the product content and its says there "for cleaner (or something like that) intimate encounters (which I suppose is SEX). 

Freshman Masculine Wash
That really made me wonder. Is it really important for men to wash their penis before and after having sex? In my entire life, I was never accustomed to this practice of washing my penis unless I'm taking a bath which is of course naturally a part of washing the entire body. But I guess, ordinary soap would suffice to make sure it's clean. Products like this are just driving consumer instincts crazy and I am not happy with that.

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