Wednesday, January 12, 2011

ML Kwarta Padala and the epic journey

Nowadays people are given a choice between practicality and laziness. Practicality is when you can just go to the nearest bank say BPI where people are courteous, the place is cold and clean, and everything is in order. Laziness is just plain opposite. Laziness nowadays is not being able to find the best and most convenient way to send money.

BPI still remains the best way to send money.
This afternoon I had to walk all the way downtown just to find this ML Kwarta Padala that my father was asking me to do. This by the way is one of those small time money transfer businesses and I suppose found all over the Philippines. My father is in Zamboanga now and he doesn't have an atm account/bank account to transfer money. Then I realized how convenient it is for us to do transactions in banks particularly my choice of bank- BPI.

In BPI first and foremost, you don't have to pay any fee to send money. The transaction is realtimeso the other person can receive the money faster. Plus the banks are safer.

Now tell me why should I choose money transfer shops? Aside from the inconvenience it brings from commuting and queuing, you still have to pay a ridiculous fee. That's not just impractical but wasteful. I just wish people would realize that.

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