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TRAVEL | Kwebang Lampas (Pagbilao, Quezon)

White Sand at Kwebang Lampas
My first beach activity this 2011 happened at this place called Kwebang Lampas. It is a private beach resort located at Brgy. Polo, Pagbilao, Quezon.

Not many knows that Quezon Province boasts many beaches that have not been discovered and developed yet. One particular area is Pagbilao. It's sea shore overlooks Tayabas Bay and most of its sand is white which makes it a haven for beach lovers.

Kwebang Lampas is an hour drive from my hometown Lucena, the capital of Quezon Province. So if you are planning to visit Pagbilao, you better secure all needed things in Lucena. Most banks and shopping stores are found in Lucena so it's really convenient. However, once you start moving away then all becomes remote and back to basics. 

The hole is the so-called "Kwebang Lampas"

The beach is owned by a certain Lukang Family

Pagbilao is a typical rural place. Sari-sari stores abound the place but not the big ones. Unfortunately there are no banks in Pagbilao (not that I am aware of). 

Brgy. Polo is even farther, actually the edge of the town I suppose. It's the shoreline of Pagbilao so expect nothing but nature in this place.

How to get to Brgy. Polo:


If you have a private car, just drive to Pagbilao. Ask the locals where Brgy. Polo is and they'll tell you that it's just a twenty minute drive from Pagbilao center. 

You won't miss the sign because its way is the same as the Mirant Powerplant. So if coming from Manila, you'll see the sign on your right side. 

When you enter the road to Brgy. Polo, it will still take another 20-30 minutes to get to the beach. Upon arrival, you will have to pay 3o PhP for the car entrance and 20 PhP for each person (talk about business).

You'll have to ride a boat going to the private beach called Lukang Resort. The boat costs 250 going to the beach, and 250 going back so 500 PhP, all in all. If you have a car, you have to pay 100 for the parking fee. Business is business.


Go to Pagbilao Market and find the Jeepney Terminal to Brgy. Polo. The fare costs 50-70 Php. The trip takes 30-40 minutes but the view of nature is spectacular so you won't feel bored. Upon arrival at Brgy. Polo, take a tricycle (a local mode of transportation with a motorcycle and a side car). The ride costs 70 PhP. 

Upon arrival at the entrance of the beach, you can either walk or ride the boat. There's a trail going to the beach resort. You'll have to pass by the woods. It's a 10 minute walk. But when you decide to ride a boat, just prepare 500 PhP.


1. Go to the beach early. As early as 5am, you can start traveling so you can reach the beach at 6am to 7am. The earlier the better because the sun is better in the morning. It can be too hot at noon. 

2. You wouldn't want to stay too long at the beach because there's really no house there. So it's best to leave by 3pm. That time you can reach the highway by 4pm and you'll be on the way home with the sun still up.

3. Bring lots of water. There's no store there, so unless you want to deprive yourself of drinking water better bring lots of it.

4. Food. Bring just the right amount. You're not really there to pig out but appreciate the beauty of nature. Just after filling yourself, hit the water and enjoy.

5. Cottage. You have to pay 250 for the cottage. You can sleep in the cottage, cook your food and read your books there. Granted that you bring your own cooking utensils (e.g. grilling materials, coal, eating utensils, etc.)

6. Entrance fee. One person is 100. So if you are the head of a family with lots of children, then prepare lots of money.

7. Sea urchins and snakes. Last time I was there, I was fortunate enough to encounter and step on a sea urchin. Luckily, coral snake didn't have to greet me.

Kino and Jeenyong cleaning dishes after lunch
Small boat en route to Lukang beach (costs 500 PhP two way)
First stop. You will have to cross this part to ride another boat
Crossing the island
High cliff where drunk visitors can jump (and die?)
Just having fun on a fine Sunday morning

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Photos by Kathrina Inciong.

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