Monday, March 7, 2011

TRAVEL | The Last Night in Manila

Wednesday. March 2, 2011.

The Last Few Hours in the Resort

Kino got up very early. I saw him go out of the room. I thought he was just using the toilet but I looked and he was actually in the Jacuzzi, reading the pocketbook I gave him. I didn’t bother him anymore. I thought quiet time would do him good. I decided to go around the place and see what else to see.

The place was big. I am not very good at measurements but I know that my whole subdivision would have fitted in that resort. There was a lake where one could ride a boat. Eight pools of different temperature. One volleyball court. One function house under construction. One restaurant. And cottages all around the place. The resort was decorated with wood carvings and marble statues. It was really amazing.

We stayed for a while in the octagon Jacuzzi. Talked for a while. This was the last day in the resort. Jeenyong went to sleep afterwards. I slept also. Kino kept reading the book. At 12noon, we packed our things and left the bamboo house.

At the lobby, Kino and Jeenyong tried to talk to the other Koreans and asked whether we can hitch a ride in their bus. I guess it didn’t work so we had to wait for a bus outside the resort. It wasn’t really that long before we got ourselves a bus. Inside the bus was cold so Kino borrowed my sweater, while Jeenyong and I used my blanket. Kino bought some cassava chips when a vendor came up.

The trip to Manila took about two hours and the three of us were asleep almost the entire trip.

The Shopping and Sea Food Dinner

Upon arrival in Manila, I insisted that we eat something first in Jollibee since we haven’t eaten anything yet. We had chicken, spaghetti, and rice. In the middle of the discussion, we agreed that it is better to go shopping first before going to my house to unload their luggage.

We proceeded to Greenhills thinking that there might be a place where they could deposit their luggage. Since there isn’t, I decided that it’s better that I just wait in Starbucks and wait for them as I look after their things. They came back after less than an hour saying they had no money to buy many things.

So after shopping, we went back to my house. The traffic on the way to my house was so unbelievable. I cannot understand why the Philippine government cannot do anything about this social illness. The weather was not cooperating neither. It was raining heavily.

After unloading their things, we went to UP Diliman immediately. Time’s running out. It was 6:30pm. We met Kai at the Communication Research lobby. Lau was also there. Actually the original plan was to walk around UP campus and show Kino and Jeenyong the place, and maybe eat some street foods. But it rained. So we couldn’t do that.

Instead we stopped by the International Center Dormitory. Kai saw one of the respondents in their study there, a guy named Jong-An A-Chim, which apparently is Dana’s crush. Dana arrived a little later. Then we walked outside and took a cab going to Dampa Cubao to eat sea foods.


Fish vendor in Dampa
Dampa, is the local term for “shack” or native small house if I’m not mistaken. It is a place where visitors can buy the fresh sea food in the market and ask the restaurants around to cook the food.

For tonight, Jeenyong wanted to eat shrimp so we bought a lot of shrimps. Then Kino wanted squid. We intended to buy oysters but we couldn’t find good ones so we dropped that off the list.

After bringing the sea foods to the restaurant, we waited eagerly and was only too happy to see the seafoods served in front of us. It was again a delightful experience. It was a good way to end the stay here in the Philippines.

I wanted to bring them somewhere to drink but I thought they were so tired already they opted to just go back home and sleep. I agreed.

Last Tanduay at Home

Thank you Tanduay Ice, for making us happy!
We passed by the grocery first before going home. We bought our last Tanduay Rhum. Kino wanted to drink Tanduay Rhum in three servings. I couldn’t. It was just too much. It was my first time to drink that much rhum in a single serving.

I was happy. I couldn’t bring myself into thinking that this was the last night. Can’t believe two weeks passed just like that. I don’t know where time flies. But tonight when we’re drinking, I felt happy. Thanks to Kino and Jeenyong, and Tanduay. 

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