Thursday, April 14, 2011

TRAVEL | NAIA 1, 2, and 3

It was interesting to know that there's actually a shuttle that transports passengers from NAIA 3 to EDSA MRT. For those who are not familiar with commuting to the airports- there are three airports in Manila: NAIA 1, 2 and 3.

NAIA 1 : The old dilapidated archaic ancient airport of the Philippines that houses all foreign air carriers.
I've blogged about it before how the government would let foreign visitors use this airport. What is the government thinking? Lemme guess, maybe they want visitors to get a genuine feel of Philippine poverty at once so they would not have to expect anything? 
(as of 2016, some improvements and repairs have been made).

NAIA 2 : The so-called CENTENNIAL airport that only has PHILIPPINE AIRLINES  (PAL) at its ground.
I've tried PAL before and I don't want to board that plane again. First of all, it's very expensive compared to others. Second, the seats are very cramped makes you feel uncomfortable to travel long hours. So, even if I am a Filipino, I wouldn't recommend PAL.

NAIA 3 : The newest airport which has been operating under 50% completion.
This airport has been the subject of a long debate in the senate/congress whether it will be allowed to operate or not. Due to some corruption issues, the operation of this airport has been stalled for the longest time and even up to this writing time, still half of it is not operational.

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