Saturday, September 22, 2012

75th UAAP Cheerdance Competiton Results and Rants

Okay. I'm no expert when it comes to cheering competitions. I don't do stunts, though I do standard dances. I am not a choreographer, but I am very keen on aesthetics. That is to say, all I can critic on this year's 75th UAAP Cheerdance Competition is solely from the perspective of a distant audience. So let's begin:

University of the Philippines Pep Squad - 2012 CHAMPION :
Simplicity and Innovation

They are amazing. Their concept is beyond great and they live up to the challenge of "reinventing"  themselves everytime they perform. It's interesting to note that last year, they used Madonna as their theme dying their hair blonde.

This year we witnessed how from vogue to underground style UP has undergone. And I think it's safe to say that nobody, not among the other participants would ever shave their heads. But it's not about the shaved heads per se- it's about how UP Pep Squad has been able to set an unmatched standard.

The other teams tried to compete with UP but sad to say, UP has never had a competition. Not even with Salinggawi of UST (which I think should start re-thinking about their concepts because people get tired of the same old routine they show year after year after...

Another good thing about UP is that it tries to be very MINIMAL. As the saying goes- the simpler, the better. I guess this is something that other schools can't pick up from UP. Others try to fool the judges with grand costume and props, but fact of the matter is that- we are smarter than what they think we are.

We, the audience can see through the deception. The costumes can't hide flaws. The props can't take away the blunders.

UP just try to be UP. Nothing else. Acrobatics. Gymnastics. Stunts. Perfection execution. That's it.

FEU Cheering Squad - SECOND PLACE :
The Gruesome and Deranged Concept

When I first saw FEU, I was like "Eww, what are they wearing." Honestly, I thought their costume was hideous. I get goosebumps not because of their performance was anything, but because the costume resembles like "psoriasis" in its advanced stage. Again, I told myself- "What on Earth was FEU thinking."

In terms of the routine, it's actually fine. Nothing spectacular. Actually, it almost bordered on the boring side of the meter. We have seen most of what FEU has done. I mean come on, can't you think of anything else. The girls are looking like wasted circus freaks contorting with no purpose.

I hope FEU realizes that what they are lacking is a unified theme. They perform like they're just doing it for the sake of performing. Nothing more.

If they want to beat UP again (which I highly doubt) they should start concentrating on something unified. What I mean is, their routine should be according to their theme. Never mind the costume. I see that they tried to be some kind of a jaguar that turned to a tamarraw. Crazy!

National University Cheer Squadron - THIRD PLACE:
Epitome of Anomaly

Folks, this is the biggest anomaly in the history of UAAP Cheerdance. Did the judges think that because NU is the host, they can just give the third place to them as some kind of "pa-consuelo de bobo?" 

First of all, they look like a bunch of majorettes and band players ready to perform for a fiesta extravaganza. Second, their music choice best fits kindergarten students. Lastly, their stunts was- can't even think of a lower term.

This is just not right. I just think that DLSU deserved to win more than this crap. Or was there some kind of arrangement with Henry Sy like- "If NU doesn't place, you'll have to pay the rent for this effin' arena!"

That is just so cheap. 

Anyhow, everything's been done. What can we do? Even if we rant and curse the heavens for social injustice the results will still remain the same.

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