Friday, October 19, 2012

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I'm starting my articles on FOOD, yay! It's kind of overdue for writing this. Sometimes I ask myself if I'm doing a job or just trying to deliberately kill myself. Well, for whatever reason- there's food to comfort me and there's a lot to mention.

So, without further delay let's begin our food trip around the (half of) the world. Our food journey first takes us to Saudi Arabia. Ah yes, the conservative land of the Arabs. As you may know, pork is strictly prohibited in the Kingdom so people live off with alternative meat such as chicken and beef. Also popular are lamb, goat, and camel (although, I have not really eaten a camel before, and I do not intend to).

KFC, Saudi Style with cheese cake.
SHAWAYA! One whole chicken costs SAR 25, or PHP 275. Good for the tummy, not on the belly.
Broasted Chicken. The local version of KFC. 
Shawaya with kabsa. "Kabsa" means rice in arabic.
New Year Feast for the coming 2012. Wow, it's almost 2013.
Faham. This is another Shawaya. Faham is basically grilled.
Still at KFC!
Starbucks Night with an Egyptian friend.
DAMPA, Riyadh- Chopsuey, Bicol Express and Chicken Stroganoff.
Burger King. Really big burgers here. I like the fries the most.
Thanksgiving with tacos and chicken barbeque!
Dampa Riyadh!

Of course, when we want to eat- we need to know how to cook. That's how it should work. So, a lot of us in Saudi do our cooking twice or thrice a day. However, not all of us have the luxury of time to do so. In order to make up for our short free time, we normally purchase automatic appliances for cooking such as rice cooker, microwave oven, electric kettle, etc.

Check out the 10 Best Air Fryers Reviews in (March 2018) with Buyer’s guide to see how the trend of cooking is moving in this modern times. The link provides helpful reviews regarding kitchen gadgets to help busy people cope up with cooking, and probably make life easier.

So that being said, I guess we just need to balance our options when it comes to choosing food. Whether it is food from restaurants, or food cooked at home - the important thing is you can afford it; and that it makes you happy.

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