Monday, January 21, 2013

The Land of Irony

This is it.
I've had enough of these Saudi children messing up with other people's lives, with my life especially.

So I was in a cafe with some of my colleagues, sitting and enjoying our coffee when a group of these minors threw eggs in our direction.

Unlucky me, I got hit at the back. Ouch! It was kind of shocking at the moment being hit by an egg. This was the first time I got hit by an egg. 

I removed my jacket to wipe away the egg stain, when suddenly the bunch of idiots came back and this time throwing water to us and as they sped away they were jeering and laughing as if it's the happiest moment of their lives.

Our group before the egg frenzy started.

What I don't understand is how these kids are able to do such offenses. How can parents let their kids grow up like criminals in the making?

This just baffles me. 

Earlier, two Saudi kids were hit by a car and died instantly. The driver was also a Saudi. I'm not really surprised about Saudi's murdering each other because I do not see civility in these people. 

In a country where people pray five times a day, shops and stores close during prayer time, and public criers are heard all over the place- it's so ironic that people's action does not reflect what their so called "god" has taught them. In simple terms, hypocrite.


Overall, I think this incident just showed me how unfit I am in this kind of society. I am 100% sure that I do not belong here and that I will never ever want to stay long in this country.

I know that I share the same sentiment to so many Filipinos.
I know that the only reason why Filipinos choose to stay is because they feel like they have no choice and that this is the only available opportunity.

Sad to say that Filipinos will continue to work in Saudi because they would rather put up with the animosity of the Saudi people than see their families hungry and poor.

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