Saturday, March 2, 2013

Epilogue : The Man and the Alter Ego


They say that the ones with the biggest smile, the loudest laughter and brightest eyes- are the ones with the saddest hearts. I know this for a fact because it is who I am. Always putting up a show so no one could ever see the man in the shadows. For years I've kept that man hidden so that no one will hurt him. That man has been there, concealed and frightened of the world. The world is a mean place. And although that man has the purest heart, he chose to live away from this harsh world. He let his alter ego stand on the front line. The alter ego is more fierce, ruthless and cunning. He knows that to survive, one needs to outwit the other. That is the principle of survival. That is the dog eat dog world. 

The alter ego is not totally evil, quite the contrary in fact. He just learned early in his life that do-gooders don't last long. And he loved the man in the shadows too much. He wanted to protect him from the fangs of the enemies. So he had to become stronger. Not for himself alone, but for the man in the shadows. He knows that their survival depends on him. He stares at the man in the shadows. The man was also staring at him. The alter ego knew exactly what the man was thinking. But the alter ego won't let the man destroy his defenses. He's had years to be who he is, so the alter ego turned its back on the man.

Not today. Not ever. This will always be the principle of the alter ego. The man has to be kept inside. Locked inside. Because kindness is not the way of the world. 

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