Tuesday, May 28, 2013

CORPORATE | Oman Employment Visa Application Series : Search for the GAMCA

Another chapter in my life is yet to unfold. This time it's going to be Oman. I have very little knowledge of the country aside from the fact that it is in the Middle East. I previously worked in Saudi Arabia so I am expecting to have similar working environment. Anyhow, it looks like fate has already sealed this path. I originally intended to pursue higher studies but certain factors like personal investment and family expenses are always part of the bigger picture. This is the reason I decided to put my personal goal aside and focus on more pressing things.


At this stage, I am currently searching for the most common GAMCA medical clinic which I need to continue the Visa process.

I found these information below:

Copy of passport valid for at least six (6) months 
Four copies of photographs – passport’s,colored, white background; 
Medical Certificate in original copy, duly attested by GAMCA-Gulf Accredited Medical Clinics Association in the Philippines, Located at 1124 Jorge Bocobo St., Ermita, Manila With telephone numbers: 521-26-59/2476; 302-24-53/2347/2137/2062

Visa Fee: Php 882.00 (Single Entry)Processing Time: subject to response from Oman Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Oman Consulate of the Sultanate (House of the Consul)

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