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CORPORATE | Oman Employment Visa Application Series : International Diagnostic Center, Inc.

This continues the saga of the medical test for Oman Visa. This entry will provide a guide on how to find GAMCA Office and the accredited clinic.

In my previous blog, we find the guide in processing the Oman medical test.

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Finding GAMCA Office

Note: GAMCA referral has been abolished by POEA. Please SKIP this part and proceed to your preferred clinics.

1. Get off LRT or jeepney at Padre Faura Street (LRT's nearest stop is United Nations so just walk to get to Padre Faura).

2. Upon reaching the corner by the end of UP Manila, you will find an alley(I forgot the name of the alley but this is the end of UP Manila). Make sure that Robinson's is on your left side across the road.

3. Turn to this alley and walk a few meters and you will find St. Luke's Clinic (but it's easier to spot this white building which is for processing Australia Visa).

4. Just in front of this clinic is the small and unrecognizable VITUG Building (don't ask anybody about VITUG Building because nobody knows about it, but rather ask for GAMCA Office).

5. GAMCA Office is at the second floor.

6. Remember to bring a copy of your passport when you go to GAMCA Office because photocopy inside is P2.00 each.

7. Get a number from the guy nearest the door and wait for your number to be called.

8. You will be issued with a referral slip which should be used within a month.


So after you receive the referral slip, you will then have to find the clinic written in your slip. You need to do the medical test as soon as possible because the referral has expiry.

In my case, I was referred to-

International Diagnostic Center, Inc.

Address: 1901 2nd Floor IDC Bldg., Remedios St. Corner Modesto Street Malate Manila
Tel: 5366682 / 4981184
Fax: 5245285

How to get to International Diagnostic Center:

Walk going back to Padre Faura corner and head towards Remedios Street. Cross the other side of the street and go straight (you will have to pass by 5 more streets before you find Modesto Street). By this time, make sure that you have crossed the LRT and that LRT should be behind you).

Make sure you bring the following with you.

1. 3 copies of 2x2 photos
2. Photocopy of your passport
3. Referral slip from GAMCA

Depending on your test, you will have to pay P2,500 to P3,000 medical fee.

Next entry I will explain the medical process and some tips to save some some money. :)

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