Monday, May 6, 2013

Start Planning

I'm already in the first week of May and I have no concrete plans for my summer vacation yet. For the past week, my plans have been contingent upon others' schedules and I am really worried that if I prolong these plans then nothing will happen.

I should remember that I am already 27, only 3 years shy from hitting 30. I have a feeling that after reaching 30, I will have more difficulty in traveling and discovering the world. I don't want to live life full of what if's and I am resolute to do what I have planned- to travel.

I'm only planning to travel for a couple of weeks and really discover the cultures of Indonesia and Thailand. I mean why not, if time and money will allow that then I should really go for it. 

And as I have mentioned, I can't wait anymore. I have to start planning already and start planning well. 

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