Friday, May 24, 2013

BOOK | Unacceptable English

Here's a rundown of some unacceptable English:

1. Slang
Known as argot but generally recognized by many
Indicates a particular time
A form of cultural resistance

2. Colloquial English
From the word lokus meaning "lost sign"
Pronunciation is altered
Words are conjugated

3. Tautology
Also known as redundancy

4. Malapropism
Confusion with the meaning of words e.g. effect vs. affect

5. Barbarism
Using words that are not quite appropriate in a certain culture e.g. finalize, impacted, enthused

6. Eliteraccies
Systemic grammatical and functional problems e.g irregardless

7. Wordiness/False Elegance/Fine Writing/Hedging/Euphristic
Using words not long drawn out but obscure meaning

8. Euphemism
Sugar coated words e.g. informal settlers vs. squatters

9. Psychobabble/Vogue Words/Legalese/Sociologese
These are words which other people can't easily understand

10. Red-Flag/Bias/Bigoted
Politically incorrect words

11. Cliches
Refers to predictable patterned words

From my old files, English 1, January 1, 2005

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