Sunday, June 23, 2013

Analyzing the Audience and Content

As a communication major, I know that audience is a key ingredient in the success of any business venture. You have to know their behavior and movement, follow them accordingly but in such a way that will not jeopardize your credibility. It's really a skill, but the be and all of writing on the net is to be heard. And to be heard, you have to be relevant.

But why do I have this feeling that I am not directing my blog contents properly? The data show it all- majority of my readers come from the US, topping the key searches in my blog are articles about spa, gym and health. Maybe I should zero in on topics like these- health and wellness in and out of the metro. 

But I also have to consider that this blog was put up to share my personal experiences. So the real challenge as a blogger is to reconcile the two. To make what I find interesting relevant to my readers.

Looking at the contents of other blogs with high rate of visits, I notice that these blogs are essentially focused. Meaning, they have a certain topic that they discuss and they become source of information for these specific topics.

If I for example would like to talk about entertainment, a lost surfer browses over the article and likes it; waits for other articles to come out; but gets disappointed because it's not exactly what he's waiting for. Loyalty disappears.

That's it! The challenge is how to capture the attention of a wary net surfer; make him stay and make him a loyal reader, commentator, etc. 

And this exercise actually applies to any newly established business. So there you have it- relevance, loyalty and consistency.

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