Thursday, August 8, 2013

Jokes are Culture Sensitive

Jokes are culture sensitive.

I was telling my colleagues some homegrown Filipino jokes translated to English and the effect... well not so much funny as expected but still works. And then it hit me- you can't expect people to just get jokes, and you don't really get to explain a joke otherwise that defeats the whole point. I just felt like a sore loser when I had to explain this and that about a joke that I cracked.

But some jokes are universal especially those with racial and religious shades. They can easily relate to it. And the punch lines are also important when delivering the joke. These things have to be considered if you want to be an effective joker.

But my colleague was right. There are just some people who are naturally funny and good at telling jokes. When you're not born with it, it becomes a forced effort. 

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