Saturday, August 31, 2013

Movie Review | Philadelphia

I was 7 years old when this movie came out. Back in 1993, AIDS was still unknown and people were clueless about what this dreaded this all about. They only had fear about the sickness. And people who contracted the disease became unwilling victims of social discrimination. 

Twenty years later, I was able able to see the movie and saw how much have changed. Now we know that AIDS does not instantly kill a person after its contraction. It takes time depending on the immune system. And that drugs have been developed to slow down the effect of AIDS. Sadly, we still don't have cure for AIDS and no matter how much therapy you get, one thing is still certain and that is death. But death is not the worst part of the sickness, it's actually the discrimination and suffering one has to endure throughout his remaining days.

We have a reason to fear this disease. But we also have ways to avoid it. The difficult part in this equation is that human nature is so weak from temptations that AIDS have grown rapidly. Maybe in the future things will be a lot more different. Cure will be found hopefully in the future.

This movie makes viewers re-think about AIDS. It reminds everyone that if we don't protect ourselves, then we could end up with AIDS.

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