Thursday, August 8, 2013

Wanda Sykes on First Black President

I find Wanda Sykes really funny. It's the way she delivers her lines that really tickles me. I mean, I can't copy how she does what she does. And best part of it is she is so natural at it. The mere image of Wanda is enough to make you smile/laugh. 

In this HBO featured stand up comedy, Wanda touches on how proud she is having Barack Obama as the first ever black president. And much of the punch lines centered on the disparity between white and black Americans, homosexuality, reforms, and other social issues. She is just so hilarious I was hugging the floor trying to contain myself.

I especially liked the punch lines on being a black gay woman, saying it's easier to be black than to be gay. She never had to come and tell everybody that she's black like "mom, dad... I'm black. hope you still love me..." That was just so funny. Anyway, below is the video culled from YouTube.

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