Sunday, September 1, 2013

Arabic Songs - My New Found Love

C'est La Vie

My theme song for 2013.

From the 2012's album- C'est La Vie, comes one of the most uplifting/inspiring arabic music I've heard in my life. It sounds like you're being invited to celebrate, dance and sing because that's what life is all about. Sung by Algerian singer Khaled in collaboration with RedOne productions (yes, the RedOne you hear on J. Lo's recent music). 

Hiya Hiya

A typical arabic styled song but pitbull made this piece of work totally awesome. And I am not a Pitbull fan but you have to give where credit is due. The beat is rhythmic and you can actually dance to it which is why my Malaysian and French friends love this one.

Wavin Flag (Arabic)
K'Naan ft. Nancy Ajram

Wavin Flag by K'Naan ft. Nancy Arjam would probably be the theme song of my life last 2011-2012 while I was in Saudi Arabia. This was one of the 2010 FIFA World Cup theme songs (alongside Waka Waka of Shakira). It achieved its fame when it was chosen by Coca Cola as a promotional anthem during FIFA, thus the undeniable Coca-Cola beat. The single actually has many bilingual versions but I particularly like the arabic version in collaboration with Nancy Ajram, a multi-platinum Lebanese singer.

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