Monday, October 14, 2013

SPORTS | Yuna Kim 2010 & 2013

And recently I have been into watching figure ice skating, I'd like to share the brilliance that is Yuna Kim aka Queen Yuna on the ice rink. Words just fail me. Yuna transcends skating and emotions all too well which makes her so adorable to watch. There's no fear of her getting hurt on her stunts so we as an audience could just sit back and get awed at her performance. Below are some of the best skating stints of Yuna from 2010 and the recent 2013 World Figure skating which she won first with a staggering lead over Kostner from Italy (2nd) and Asada of Japan (3rd). I am looking forward to watching her at the 2014 Winter Olympics.

2010 Olympics Free Skate (Gold Medal)

2010 Olympics Short Program (Gold Medal)

2013 World Figure Skating (Gold Medal)

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