Sunday, November 24, 2013

TRAVEL | Abu Dhabi Backpacking 101

Day 2: Abu Dhabi

Straight from Dubai, from a beer-y fun night with some close friends- I hoped on to the first cab that passed by and told him to drop me to the bus station.

REMEMBER to come to the bus station early as there are so many passengers queuing. Ticket costs 25 AED. Really cheap plus the bus is very comfortable. There are no stops along the way. This is a direct bus and the last stop will be the Abu Dhabi bus station.

Lost and had no idea where we were...

3:30pm - And because we got lost on the way to Saadiyat Beach, we found ourselves in this Monte Carlo Beach Club. 

4:00pm - A stranger let us hitch in his car and drove us all the way to Saadiyat Public Beach. It was not near mind you- but the driver was kind enough. That's the good thing here in UAE. You can be sure that help is genuine.

Fun fun in the sand...
4:15pm - Finally arrived at the beach. Had to pay 25 AED each pax. Whew, the sun is still high and the beach packed with beautiful people. I told myself, "Ah, this is where we belong. "

4:17pm - The people really looked so good out here. Toned bodies, gorgeous men and women. I mean wow, you don't get to see this sight very often. Not even in the Philippines.

5:00pm - The sun was about to set. We originally planned to quickly drop by the Grand Mosque but due to fatigue and proximity issues, we decided to drop the Mosque from our itinerary and head directly to Sumo and have something to eat. We have not eaten anything yet.

More photos before we left...

6:00pm - Okay, the gates are closing in Saadiyat Public Beach. So it was time to bid the sea bye bye temporarily. I will come back and swim again in the near future.

6:30pm - We were at the taxi en route to Sumo, which Dazzle chose to eat sushi. But I am not a fan of raw fish so I opted to eat "pritong tilapia" and "kangkong". Unfortunately, Sumo doesn't offer my cravings.

Cable cars... you'll wonder how it runs

7:00pm - We reached Sumo, thank God. We were starving and ready to eat the waiter if we were to wait for another minute. Good thing the food was good. I especially enjoyed the fried shrimp... all courtesy of Dazzle. It was a feast.

7:30pm - We talked and talked of life. We talked about the future. In the end, we were just laughing at all the possibilities that life could hold for us.

Sumo and good sumo food...
8:00pm - It was time to go. I had to catch my 10pm flight back to Oman. I didn't feel sad leaving Abu Dhabi because I know I'll come back again.

8:15pm - We were still at the parking area waiting for the taxi to come. I was a bit nervous I'll miss my flight. But it was still early so I didn't worry that much. Just a little.

Last photo together before leaving for Oman...

8:30pm - And when the taxi came, I was a casualty in the car. I fell asleep with my head hanging like a coconut from a tree. Stiff neck right after that... Dazzle must be laughing that time.

9:00pm - We reached Dazzle's flat. I got my stuff packed up and took a cab to the airport.

Abu Dhabi is generally a nice place. More laid back compared to Dubai. The atmosphere is similar to Oman. I promised myself to spend Christmas or New Year here. So I will see Dazzle again... soon.

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