Monday, November 11, 2013

Ariella Arida's Good Angles

In retrospect, Ariella has good photo angles which are simply fitting for a Miss Universe. I just felt that the MU photographer has deliberately sabotaged her photos and made her look so manly. 

So fresh and young!

But as you will find below, and even on TV- she's definitely a force to reckon with. That between Venezuela (that Steven Tyler look alike) and Ariella, Venezuela would look a lot like her grandmother who had undergone a botox surgery. And even if Ariella cannot speak fluent English, nobody cares about that. 

English speakers don't really mind at all how she sounded. She is a Filipino and she didn't have to pretend that she's from some Western country. 

What mattered was the results and that's about. Another chapter closed and so we move on to the next step. We have learned that the perfect recipe for winning the crown is not just about the walk, but also the gowns which most of us feel that underwhelms Philippine representatives. 

So regal! Reminiscent of a Miriam Quiambao.

So pretty and natural!

So simple! But ain't this the Janine 2012 style. They just changed the color from blue to yellow.

The free long hair complemented the yellow gown. But I still prefer the bun hair.

I just hope that they train on answering questions more from the heart rather than giving something that is already expected by the judges. 

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