Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Donating to Yolanda Victims

At first, I was apathetic with what was happening in the Philippines. Then I saw the scenes of people in Tacloban and its nearby provinces- families left with debris and piles of rubbish with what used to be their homes; dead bodies scattered everywhere; and survivors traumatized. I cried. I imagined how devastating and desperate this must be for these helpless people. I imagined it was me.

That is why I initiated a call to action and asked the people where I work to give donations to the victims of the typhoon.

It was just an idea that I didn't even know I would push for. But as luck would have it, the idea spread like wildfire and before I know it, everyone at the office started bringing something.

I was amazed at the generosity of the people I work with. They do not know anyone from the Philippines but to them, helping has become an urgency and this really touched my heart. It started to ask- if other people from other countries can give to the typhoon victims, shouldn't the rich and affluent minority in the Philippines give more?!

Filipino Community

A German colleague mentioned that in times like this devastating typhoon, Filipinos are mobilizing themselves and try to help out each other. I agree to that and I think this is one of those rare times that the Filipinos actually carry out the 'bayanihan' spirit. 

In Oman, FILCOSOC or Filipino Community Society is the official Filipino organization that collects donations for the Philippines. I contacted Mr. Clarence Carlos, current treasurer of the organization, who picked up our donations.

He also shared with me the details on who/how to send donations. 
For cash/check donations to Filcosoc HSBC bank account as follows:

Bank Name - HSBC
Branch - Al Khuwair
Account name - Filipino Community Social Club (FILCOSOC)
Account Number - 2080-7905-3001

Or to Mr. Clarence N. Carlos - FILCOSOC Treasurer , Corresponding Filcosoc receipt shall be issued.

Also, we have designated 3 drop points for in kind donations such as used clothes, food items and others. They are:

1. Philippines Embassy / POLO OWWA
2. Palayok – Al Khuwair
3. Palayok – Ruwi

 You may coordinate with the following FILCOSOC BOD’s on the schedule of pick up :
1. Rod Desiatco/Chairman- 95429893
2. Beth Ramos - 99313512
3. Helen Grace Sakai - 99411759
4. Clarence Carlos - 93672178
5. Harold Vibal - 99219532
6. Exequiel Madrinan - 97254376

The journey to recovery will take a long time but our help can make the lives of our unfortunate fellowmen a bit easier. Especially that Christmas is just a month away, let's give them hope and strength.

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