Saturday, December 14, 2013

2013 Year Ender : August

August 2013

On my second month in Oman, I guess things have been pretty smooth. Working in a travel agency is quite demanding and requires optimum accuracy. But the good part of it is we get to attend events and parties essential to our line of work.

This month I had tried playing golf (t'was my first time).

My photo was recognized and published by a newspaper in Oman. I mean it's not really that much but the fact that my photo has been recognized is what makes it really grand. At least I know that my skills as a photographer is going somewhere.

This was also the month of Ramadan and my french buddies' birthday, where we celebrated in a bar named 'Pavo Real' and had me singing 'Thank You for the Music' & 'YMCA'. I really tried hard not to sing but as one of my colleagues would put it, 'singing is in the Filipino's blood.'

And finally, the most significant- my very first haircut in Oman. It was done by a Bengali who charged me 1 Riyal. Well, it wasn't so bad but I was just so concerned how things would look like.

Realization : Keep working on what makes you happy. In my case, photography has become an outlet and keep me busy on days when there's nothing to look forward to. 

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