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TRAVEL | Abu Dhabi 2013 Memoirs : The Last Day

Day 4 : December 28, 2013


My final and last day in Abu Dhabi. In a span of four days, so many things have happened- met a few people, taken so many photos, awed by the beauty of Abu Dhabi, had some life realizations. Life's always like this- good things never last. They're not meant to be kept but rather experienced and cherished. After a month, I'll probably forget much about the things that happened here, pretty much like what happened in my other travels. But what is more important is that I have crossed this road, and in the end that's all that matters.

Good times with Dazzle at Abu Dhabi,
sana maulit sa India
11:30 am - I was so drunk last night I couldn't even recall how I was able to sleep on my beddings. I just knew that I was laughing too hard.

12:00 noon - Watching some funny photos and couldn't believe what happened the night before. It was like that Hangover movie where nobody can remember anything.

12:30 pm - Filled up myself with some coffee before taking a shower.

1:00 pm - Lunch at the Filipino restaurant downstairs. MMK was playing on the background with the protagonist suffering from hypokalemia. The only solution according to my nurse friends is to eat bananas.

3:00 pm - Cathy left the house.

4:00 pm - Took the video shoot of Daz and I. Not sure if I can still upload that though.

4:30 pm - Left the house as well and bid Dazzle goodbye. Might probably be the last visit I'll make in Abu Dhabi, but who knows. We'll never know.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

5:00 pm - Photoshoot as Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. The sun is almost setting. It's a shame Dazzle couldn't join me but there will always be some other opportunities.

6:00 pm - Drive to airport. I was actually too early for my 9:40 flight.

8:15 pm - Boarding for BA 073. Had to wait in line. When the line moved, the Indian in front of me didn't move so I took over then he was telling it was his spot, blah! I was so irritated that I responded with a hint of irritation. I mean, if he doesn't plan on moving, why bother telling me such non sense. Or maybe I was just too tired that's why I got irritated. Anyhow, I'm just thankful that British Airways has enough leg room and that I do not have a seatmate.

11:40 pm - Back in Muscat. After passing through the immigration and going to the exit, the unexpected happen. The taxi driver pulled my arm and didn't want to let me go unless I tell him where I want to go.

Jeez, these taxi drivers can get to your nerve. I know very well that taxi drivers at the airport are no good ripping you off as much as they can. That's why I always go out on the highway for a cheaper fare. The thing is,I had to walk the long stretch just to avoid these pesky drivers at the airport.

12:30 am - Back in my room. Uploaded some photos of the trip in Facebook and finally took a rest.

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