Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dutch Ball at PDO

Totally had a blast on Feb 28th's Dutch Ball Party as we rocked the night away with groovy music, fabulous people and of course- free flowing booze (which I think I had too much). 

It was so fun to be part of the glittering crowd (literally as all guests were donning glittery clothes). And everyone was just enjoying themselves.

Anyhow, we were especially there to spark up the party (so to speak). After the Dutch Ball organizer's speech, the techno beat blasted in the air and the curtains suddenly opened. The speaker were not able to finish his speech though as the crowd turned toward the stage.

And then the show began!

It was rather a 'staged' routine to draw the crowd onto the dance floor. First was the blue robot on stage, followed by the green, and then the red. When the music died, the lights blacked out. And then the three robots were all on stage. It was awesome.

The lights all fade out and the band hit the notes with that familiar "dum dum dum..." beat. The sexy ladies came walking on the stage and the group performance began.

The crowd, now all gathered in front were in awe and I bet were itching to get their feet on the dance floor too.

What made the number really fun was that at the end, the performers grabbed people spontaneously and danced with them.

And that was the start of the fantastic evening.

I have not party-ed like this for a long time and I haven't drunk for quite a while. So after a few bottles of beer, a few minutes jumping and strutting on the dance floor- I decided it best to step out and took snaps of the undeniable crazy fun happening that night. 

Me (on the right) after 5 bottles of Heineken

Seriously, I have never been to a party with so much to drink- FOR FREE. And although I am not really good at drinking, it was so refreshing to be in a cool atmosphere where everyone can just dance and not think about anything else.

I felt I was transported to a whole different place (was this still Oman, hahaha- I asked myself) because boy, it felt like one awesome night.


And of course, with a glittery event like this, I wouldn't miss the chance of capturing only the most beautiful people of the night.

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